The Arc Original Soundtrack
The Arc Original Soundtrack
Release date 17 September 2016
Artists Ian Taylor, Stephen Lord, Adam Bond, David Osborne, Will Darbishire, Rob Lee,Linda Houd, Silvana Alfarano, Jay Wilton, Alex Fry, James Lorimer, Laura Prince, Denise Lohkemper, Emily Dee, Mark Sutton, Helen Robertson
Composer(s) Ian Taylor, Stephen Lord, and Adam Bond
Discs 1
Tracks 20
Label Jagex Ltd.
Run time 1:07:32
Genre Orchestral, instrumental
Retail price Promotional

The Arc Original Soundtrack is composed by Ian Taylor, Stephen Lord (Mod Lord), and Adam Bond (Mod Bond). It contains songs from The Arc. The soundtrack was released in cd form for attendees of RuneFest 2016, and is not available for purchase.

# Title Time
1 Voyage to Waiko 0:40
2 Tale of Waiko 4:36
3 Sticks and Stones 2:47
4 One Voice 3:14
5 The White Whale 6:24
6 Seasons Change 4:34
7 Dip A Toe 3:32
8 The Shores of Whale's Maw 0:33
9 Forgotten Continent 6:33
10 Whale's Maw 2:34
11 Aminishi Approach 0:36
12 Spirit of Aminishi 4:34
13 Moai's Lament 4:44
14 Aminishi Adventure 4:43
15 A Storm over Goshima 0:33
16 Goshima's Lament 4:08
17 The Path to Cyclosis 0:42
18 Eye for an Eye 5:35
19 Twilight in Tuai Leit 0:52
20 Tuai Leit 5:38

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