The Adventurer (#550)
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Release date 14 July 2008 (Update)
Members No
Location Character creation
Quest No
Unlock hint This track was unlocked automatically.
Instruments Pizzicato Strings, Bass, Strings, Piano, Harp, Choir Aahs, Reverse Cymbal, French Horns, Timpani, Drawbar Organ, Taiko Drum
Duration 04:40
Composer Mod Ian
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The Adventurer is a music track that is unlocked during character creation. This song was originally unlocked with the tutorial that all players completed after creation. This has been changed due to the new task system.


It sounds very similar to The Mentor, but has brass chords instead of a harpsichord. The beginning gives an epic feel, which is followed by a brass chord section, and synthesized organ-like sounds, which slows down momentarily to go back into a less epic feel, with bass sounds and tambourines. It then speeds up with the same sounds.