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The maximum magic hit calculation template calculates the maximum hit with magic given various conditions.

See Magic damage for a list of boosts to magic damage with their requirements, as well as the maximum possible hit of each spell with the conditions for that hit.

See Calculators/Magic maximum hit for a JavaScript calculator using this template.


{{Magic max hit

Sub-bullet points show alternate values that give the same result. All textual inputs are case-insensitive, but must be correctly spelled.


The name of the spell you are using.


Your magic level. Only required by the following conditions:

  • Magic dart
  • Wizard's mind bomb
  • Polypore staff spell


Temporary magic level boost. One of:

  • none
    • no
  • wizard's mind bomb
    • wizards mind bomb
    • wizard mind bomb
  • mature wmb
    • mature wizard's mind bomb
    • mature wizards mind bomb
    • mature wizard mind bomb
  • magic essence
    • magic essence potion
  • magic
    • magic potion
  • vecna skull
    • vecna
    • skull
  • extreme
    • extreme magic
    • extreme magic potion
  • overload
  • magic focus
    • wolpertinger
    • wolpertinger scroll
    • magic focus scroll
  • magic cape
    • cape

The word "potion" is ignored in inputs.


A damage boosting staff in use. One of:

  • none
    • no
  • gravite staff
    • gravite
  • ahrim's staff
    • ahrims staff
    • ahrim's
    • ahrims
  • ancient staff
    • ancient
  • master wand
    • master
  • zuriel's
    • zuriels
  • void knight mace
    • void
    • void knight
  • staff of light
    • of light
    • light
  • chaotic staff
    • chaotic
  • polypore staff
    • polypore
  • polypore stick

The word "staff" is ignored in inputs.


Is a slayer-based helm in use? One of:

  • no
    • none
  • yes
    • hexcrest
    • full slayer
    • full slayer helm
    • full slayer helmet

The words "helm" and "helmet" are ignored in inputs.


Is a castlewar brace in use, while fighting the flagbearer? Yes or no.


Magic damage boosting necklace in use. One of:

  • none
    • no
  • arcane pulse necklace
    • arcane pulse
  • arcane blast necklace
    • arcane blast
  • arcane stream necklace
    • arcane stream

The word "necklace" is ignored in inputs.


Are Chaos gauntlets in use? Yes or no. Only affects bolt spells.


Is a Ferocious ring in use? Yes or no. Only affects slayer tasks in Kuradal's dungeon.


Is the Charge spell active? Yes or no. Only affects the god spells (Saradomin Strike, Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak).


Are you fighting ice strykewyrms? One of:

  • no
  • yes
  • yes with fire cape
    • yes, fire cape
    • fire cape

Only applies to fire spells.


Are you fighting ice salarin the twisted? One of:

  • no
  • yes

Result with validation

Result: Your max hit is x, however this combination of circumstances is impossible because:

Saradomin/ Zamorak/ Iban spell is used with any staff

Guthix spell used with staff other than the Void knight mace

Magic dart used with staff other than the Staff of light

   * The staff that you selected isn't capable of casting that spell.

Miasmic spell used without Zuriel's staff

   * Miasmic spells can only be cast with Zuriel's staff.

Castlewar brace used with Ice Strykewyrm, Slayer helm, Ferocious ring or Salarin

   * The Castlewar brace only hits on other players within Castlewars , and can't be used against slayer monsters or other NPCs.

Ferocious ring used with Ice Strykewyrm, or Salarin

   * The Ferocious ring is only active in Kurdal's dungeon, which doesn't contain any Ice strykewyrms, or Salarin the Twisted.

Salarin and Ice Strykewyrm together

   * You have stated you are fighting both Ice strykewyrms, and Salarin the Twisted.

Polypore staff spell with anything but the polypore staff

  * The polypore staff spell can only be cast with the polypore staff.

This way curious players can find the theoretical max hit for impossible circumstances, but will still know they are impossible.

The player may not wish to enter their magic level if it isn't necessary (i.e. not using mind bomb, magic dart or polypore staff) thus I have not validated the player has the required level to use their stated staff/ cast their stated spell.

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