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Telos, the Warden is a creation of the Elder Gods born from the Anima Mundi who guards the Heart of Gielinor. He is billed as the toughest solo boss monster in RuneScape. His chamber is accessible through a large "tree" like structure in the middle of the dungeon.

To fight Telos, players first must obtain an ancient sigil. The four components of the sigil can be obtained by killing all the generals in the Heart at least once; therefore, there is a minimum of 80 Attack, Prayer, Magic and Ranged required to reach Telos. The components are always a guaranteed drop, but only appear to the player who dealt the most damage to the boss. Once used on the door in the middle of the dungeon, it will be consumed and give the player permanent access to the boss chamber.

Killing Telos is a possible Soul Reaper assignment. The assigned number of kills can vary between 2 and 8.

Telos is one of the bosses required to unlock the title [Name] the Reaper, which is a requirement for the completionist cape. Defeating Telos at a minimum of 100% enrage or greater is a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape. Upon killing Telos at 500% or more enrage, players unlock [Name] the Warden title. A silver and gold version of the title can be unlocked by killing Telos at 2,000% and 4,000% enrage, respectively.

Obtaining all of Telos' unique drops will unlock the title, [Name] the Dormant.

The music track Anima is unlocked by entering Telos's arena.


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While fighting Telos at under 100% enrage, the player will progress through four phases, each of which - upon successful completion of the phase - involve Telos and the player gradually descending down platforms into the Heart of Gielinor. If Telos is encountered at an enrage level of 100% or greater, the fight is extended to five phases, the last of which involves mechanics abstracted from all four phases preceding it.

Telos's difficulty is scalable: players are able to choose the fight's difficulty which affects both the difficulty of the boss and the value of rewards received from killing the boss.[1] To do so, the player must successfully defeat Telos at an enrage level greater than 0% (see below). Then, when initiating a confrontation with Telos, the player will receive an interface in which they may select a custom enrage level (between 0% and the highest enrage level on which they successfully scored a kill plus 5%). Players can obtain all of Telos's unique drops at any enrage, but the chances of getting one increase with higher enrage.[2]. As he gains enrage, his combat level, life points, and damage inflicted increase. The life points cap at 600,000 points at 200% enrage for the first four phases. Phase 5 caps at 200,000 life points at 300%, which gives Telos a maximum of 800,000 life points. The maximum possible enrage is 4000%.

A 0% enrage fight is roughly the same as fighting a Heart general on challenge mode. A 100% fight is roughly the same as fighting Araxxor.


Telos follows a special drop mechanic; upon obtaining loot, the player can either claim it or "chain" it (beginning a killstreak) by using the "continue challenge" option in order to increase their chances of getting better rewards in forthcoming encounters. Telos will always drop loot upon defeat. See the tables below.

Upon defeating Telos, a large beam of anima will erupt from the hole into which he fell. Upon interacting with the beam, the player is presented with a reward within the Trove of Telos for their efforts. The player can "spin" the wheel for a reward, even though it is already pre-determined; a streamlined option is available to skip this feature. If the player leaves the area by accident, the inactive font in the "lobby" area of his chambers will activate and players can decide what to do from there.

Telos has three different "tiers" of rewards:

Tier Description
Bronze The bronze reward table is given for players who defeat Telos at 0-24% enrage. It offers the lowest value rewards and lowest chance of obtaining unique drops.
Silver The silver reward table is given for players who defeat Telos at 25-99% enrage. It offers medium value rewards and a higher chance of obtaining unique drops.
Gold The gold reward table is given for players who defeat Telos at 100% or greater enrage. It offers high value rewards and the highest chance of obtaining unique drops. Presumably, unique drops start following the normal drop rate.

After defeating Telos and interacting with his trove, the player can either claim the current reward(s) or continue the challenge. Further kills cannot be attempted until the player claims the rewards in the trove or continues the challenge.

Claiming the current rewards in the trove will send them straight to the bank. This will end the player's killstreak and reset Telos' enrage back to 0%. This can be done any time by the player after defeating Telos (or vice versa). Soothsayer Sybil can reset Telos' enrage back to 0%, but it is not recommended to do so as you will forfeit all rewards held in the Trove.

Continuing the challenge will cause Telos to gain anywhere from 5-20% enrage, which is added onto the next battle with him. Subsequent challenges continue to stack new enrage to the current stack, capping at a total of 4000%. Players can battle Telos with their current supplies or return to the bank to replenish them. Logging out does not reset the killstreak. This process can be continued as long as the player wishes, though there is a cap of 200 kills that can be "stored" in the trove; if the player attempts to defeat Telos more than 200 times in a given killstreak, the game will prevent you from fighting Telos until you claim your rewards. [3]

Important: If a player should die whilst on a killstreak at any level of enrage, they will retain a varied amount of their rewards and may reclaim them from the activated font on the initial platform. Part of the rewards will be removed as a penalty for dying. The percentage of rewards retained starts at 5% when starting a killstreak, increasing by 5% for every kill afterwards up to 75% (15 killstreak). The game calculates the rewards retained upon defeat to the nearest whole number, not by the value of the items held in the trove. For example, if the chest held 19 wine of Saradomin with a 5% retain value, you would not receive anything because the result would yield a non-whole number of 0.95. If it held 20 wines instead at the same retain value, only one wine would be recovered. The rewards must be claimed if you are defeated during a killstreak, as the game will prevent you from fighting Telos again until you do so.

The player's luck also affects the Trove's contents. As it is considered "chest" loot, players do not have to bring luck items to each kill. This means that even if you begin a killstreak without tier 4 luck, you can still bring it later on future kills to see if anything changed. The following happens depending on the player's tier of luck:

Luck tier Description
3 or lower No change to the chest.
4 A "second" chest is generated. It can cause the following:
  • Small chance rewards may have quantities changed (e.g a drop of 89 rune bars can turn into 93)
  • Even smaller chance that a reward may appear that would not appear in a tier 3 or lower luck chest. If this happens, the reward that would have been given will be changed into that reward (e.g 3,000 incandescent energy turns into a reprisal codex). A 25% enrage stack is also added, which is the reason why the chest generates different rewards, so kills above 100% enrage are treated as if they were 25% higher. On kills lower than 100% enrage, this 25% stack is added after being penalized.


The drop rate of the unique items is dependent on Telos's enrage; the higher it is, the more likely a unique drop will be given. It has been stated that streaking is better for obtaining unique drops than a high enrage, low streak kill.

Killing Telos within 25-99% enrage will grant the player Silver tier loot, which has a 10 times reduced chance to access the unique drop table. If the enrage is below 25%, the player will be awarded Bronze tier loot, which has a further 3 times reduced chance to access the unique drop table, meaning that the unique drops would be 30 times rarer than normally.

It was worked out that the equation for the unique item drop rates could be:

\frac{1}{\lfloor{\frac{10000}{10 + 0.25 \times (e + l) + 3 \times s}}\rfloor}

Where e is the enrage of Telos, s is the number of total kills done in the streak (so Streak+1 if using the Streak value in the loot interface), and l is either 25 or 0, depending on whether the chest was looted with Luck of the Dwarves worn or not. It was said that the drop rate caps at approximately 2000% enrage and 200 streak, which would give a drop rate of 1/9. This is also the chance that could be calculated for a 4000% enrage kill without streaking.

The validity of this formula remains unconfirmed, but it matches the known drop rates at different streaks and enrages revealed by Mod Timbo perfectly. The equation was discovered by noticing that the drop chance increases linearly at different enrages at a constant enrage. The streak's factor in the equation was deduced by assuming a similar linear increase in the drop chance, and by being then able to predict the known drop rates at different streaks.[4]

Using this equation, it appears that the best strategy for making money would be streaking from a low enrage, possibly from 100%, to the highest enrage possible. This is because the number of expected unique items during the streak would be the same as the number of expected unique items from the same number of kills at the streak's highest enrage, but with more normal loot than if you were killing Telos at the constant enrage only.

When a unique item is rolled, the player has the chance for the following:

  • 75/115 chance of receiving their next anima orb in sequence
  • 10/115 chance of receiving a Dormant Seren Godbow
  • 10/115 chance of receiving a Dormant Zaros Godsword
  • 10/115 chance of receiving a Dormant Staff of Sliske
  • 10/115 chance of receiving a Reprisal ability codex

Telos' tendril is not included in the rewards interface as it is received in a manner similar to the Araxyte pet and Volcanic shard.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Orb of corrupted animaOrb of corrupted anima[d 1]1VariesNot sold
Orb of volcanic animaOrb of volcanic anima[d 1]1VariesNot sold
Orb of pure animaOrb of pure anima[d 1]1VariesNot sold
Dormant Seren godbowDormant Seren godbow1Varies33,426,167
Dormant Staff of SliskeDormant Staff of Sliske1Varies842,784,251
Dormant Zaros godswordDormant Zaros godsword1Varies19,609,146
Reprisal Ability CodexReprisal Ability Codex[d 2] [5][6]1Varies373,931,838
Telos' tendrilTelos' tendril1Very rare[d 3][7]Not sold
  1. ^ a b c The anima orbs are always dropped in the following order, in a manner similar to the way in which Crystal triskelion fragments are dropped: Orb of pure anima, Orb of volcanic anima, then Orb of corrupted anima.
  2. ^ This item replaced the Dormant Zamorakian Ability Codex drop from Telos, the Warden following a hotfix on 6 July 2016.
  3. ^ Has a base drop rate of 1/1,400 (decreasing in rarity to 1/700 when Telos is encountered at an enrage level of 100% or greater) with a threshold of 300. It is automatically added to the player's inventory if it is received and dropped to the ground beneath them if their inventory is full.


The type and quantity of the rewards is dependent on the player's killstreak and Telos' enrage level. Telos' enrage determines which reward is given, while the player's killstreak determines the quantity of that reward.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Coins 10000Coins225,000–5,512,000Varies225,000–5,512,000
Adamant barAdamant bar91–528Varies310,856–1,803,648
Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide53–581Varies223,130–2,446,010
Blue dragonhideBlue dragonhide99–412Varies290,862–1,210,456
Wine of SaradominWine of Saradomin13–90Varies954,161–6,605,730
Grimy lantadymeGrimy lantadyme67–475Varies247,297–1,753,225
Grimy toadflaxGrimy toadflax68–343Varies393,516–1,984,941
Grimy torstolGrimy torstol69–425Varies289,455–1,782,875
Grimy dwarf weedGrimy dwarf weed68–312Varies178,636–819,624
Water talismanWater talisman48–265Varies345,216–1,905,880
Crystal keyCrystal key13–134Varies513,734–5,295,412
Crushed nestCrushed nest45–285Varies152,370–965,010
Luminous energy 1000Luminous energy1,150–9,870Varies208,150–1,786,470
Incandescent energy 1000Incandescent energy900–4,140Varies253,800–1,167,480
Red dragonhideRed dragonhide92–673Varies335,340–2,453,085
Rune maceRune mace68–639Varies498,644–4,685,787
Raw rocktailRaw rocktail138–1,020Varies462,990–3,422,100
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone46–383Varies557,244–4,639,662
Uncut onyxUncut onyx1–12Varies1,943,426–23,321,112
Onyx bolt tips 5Onyx bolt tips107–833Varies748,144–5,824,336
Dragon dart tipDragon dart tip500–3,337Varies485,500–3,240,227
Dragon arrowheads 5Dragon arrowheads1,137–6,687Varies336,552–1,979,352
Rune barRune bar30–378Varies418,350–5,271,210
Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Key tokenKey token1RareNot sold




  • There were global broadcasts for the first player to reach 100% enrage and every 100% increase in enrage after that. The first regular and hardcore ironman players to unlock the Warden title were also globally broadcast. [8][2]
    • On 11 August 2017, the player sadden became the first player to defeat Telos at 4000% enrage. Dialogue referring to this event was added to Soothsayer Sybil on 14 August 2017.
  • Because Telos' combat level increases with his enrage, he would technically be the strongest monster in RuneScape when fought in an encounter of 801% or higher enrage, which would give him a combat level of 10,010, exceeding Vorago and Yakamaru.
    • At 4000% enrage, Telos' combat level is 42,000.
    • Telos is also the most damaging monster in-game, as his "SO. MUCH. POWER!" attack deals 49,995 damage at 4000% enrage.
  • A new solo boss monster was first mentioned at RuneFest 2015. Concept art from Runefest showed a boss fight taking place underwater, however the underwater concept was later changed to the fight taking place in the Heart of Gielinor.
  • Telos is the Greek word for purpose, aim, end, goal, or objective.
  • Upon release, there was a glitch/bug where with damage scrimshaws, it was possible for Telos to drop to 0 life points during the first three phases, "killing" him early. This would result in the player being unable to proceed further. This has since been hotfixed.
  • When successfully defeated by a player, the following message is displayed in the player's RuneMetrics event log: "I killed Telos, the final defender of the Heart of Gielinor." If the player defeats Telos more than once in a gameplay session, the message is changed to "I killed x Telos, the final defenders of the Heart of Gielinor".
  • For a few days after release, players on a killstreak would lose all of their accumulated loot if they entered the arena and left without waking Telos. This has since been hotfixed.
  • Unlike other bosses that have a timer to record a player's personal fastest kill, the timer for Telos only appears at kills with 100% or more enrage.
  • The patch notes of 18 July 2016 changed the following:
    • Prior to the change, a player on a killstreak lost all of their rewards if they died or left while fighting Telos. This was changed because of how harsh this mechanic was, especially for players who disconnected during a fight. A change was implemented to allow players to retain some of the rewards if they die to Telos.
    • The player used to have to "spin" interfaces to determine their reward and enrage gained. Since it was already pre-determined, a streamlined option was added which will give the player their rewards and how much enrage Telos gains if they choose to continue the encounter.
  • On 26 September 2016, Telos received a combat update which allows him to perform rock fall attacks at any enrage level if he is unable to attack the player. However, players reported multiple bugs, which were fixed on 3 October 2016.
    • Telos would not attempt to melee the player on phase 2.
    • The fonts on phase 4 were already charged. In addition, when Telos is siphoning the fonts, the game would think that Telos is unable to attack the player and would send rocks crashing down on the player's position.
  • On 24 October 2016, Telos received an update for his enrage mechanic. The player can now fight Telos at their highest enrage + 5%. This is to help the player reach higher enrages, as the original method to obtain higher enrages was to defeat Telos with the enrage provided, and failing the kill in that enrage would force players to start over again. In addition, phase indicators were also added on his life points interface so players could know how much damage was needed before the next phase would start.
  • There is an occasional glitch where upon getting close to Telos, he will attempt to wake but suddenly turn dormant again. This can be fixed by moving away before running next to him.
  • Although the Behind the Scenes stated that Telos would use all three styles of combat, neither Telos or any of his minions use any type of ranged attack.
  • In the Beasts tab, when viewing Telos' "The End" attack, it shows him using it in his phase 1-4 form, rather than the phase 5 form.
    • His font drain attack also uses a different animation than the one used in the fight.
  • As of 1 February 2018, the highest kill count for this boss was 11,076 kills[9].


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