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Teleportation compactors are a device available at level 110 Invention. Each compactor is a single use item that converts fully charged teleportation jewellery into a compacted version that can hold numerous charges. Additional charges can be added by using more jewellery on the compacted version. The additional jewellery is consumed. The compacted jewellery is not destroyed at zero charges. There is a limit of 20 jewellery items that can be compacted at once by the teleportation compactor.

Jewellery Compacted version Maximum charges per compactor Cost per charge
Amulet of glory Amulet of glory Amulet of glory (c) Amulet of glory (c) 80 2,803.75
Combat bracelet Combat bracelet Combat bracelet (c) Combat bracelet (c) 80 2,893
Digsite pendant Digsite pendant Digsite pendant (c) Digsite pendant (c) 100 Non-tradeable
Enlightened amulet Enlightened amulet Enlightened amulet (c) Enlightened amulet (c) 100 368.2
Ferocious ring (5) Ferocious ring Ferocious ring (c) Ferocious ring (c) 100 Non-tradeable
Games necklace (1) Games necklace Games necklace (c) Games necklace (c) 160 226.38
Ring of duelling (8) Ring of duelling Ring of duelling (c) Ring of duelling (c) 160 305.13
Ring of respawn Ring of respawn Ring of respawn (c) Ring of respawn (c) 100 239.8
Ring of wealth Ring of wealth Ring of wealth (c) Ring of wealth (c) 80 2,440.75
Skills necklace Skills necklace Skills necklace (c) Skills necklace (c) 80 2,987.25
Ring of slaying (8) Ring of slaying Ring of slaying (c) Ring of slaying (c) 160 Non-tradeable
Traveller's necklace Traveller's necklace Traveller's necklace (c) Traveller's necklace (c) 100 474.8


Teleportation compactor Teleportation compactor
Invention-Make-X GE icon
600 XP--
Invention Invention level110
Blueprint (Invention) Research: Teleportation compactor
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Magic partsMagic parts20N/A-
Imbued componentsImbued components1N/A-
Enhancing componentsEnhancing components5N/A-


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