This article is about the tablet used in the quest Love Story. For the tablets directed to specific cities, see here.
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Teleport to house (chipped) detail

The complete Teleport to house (chipped) tablet is a quest item unlocked in the Love Story quest. The player can obtain it by solving the puzzle when opening the incomplete version up and manually modifying its core., requiring 77 Magic. It can be broken to travel to the Wise Old Man's old house.

When using a chisel on a chipped Teleport to house tablet, it can be modified back to Teleport to house tablet.


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  • It is possible to keep the tab after the quest. You can make 2 before fighting Zenevivia and keep 1 for yourself. This gains nothing but having a souvenir. This can also be turned back into a normal 'Teleport to House' tab (Using a chisel).

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