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Teleport to Ape Atoll
Teleport to Ape Atoll icon
Members? Yes
Level 64
Spellbook Normal
Type Teleport
Experience 76
Runes 2 Law
2 Fire
2 Water
1 Banana
Quest Freeing King Awowogei
in Recipe for Disaster
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Teleport to Ape Atoll teleports the caster next to Hafuba on the first floor of the temple of Marimbo in Marim. Players must have completed the Awowogei section of the Recipe for Disaster quest and also be Magic level 64 to use this spell. This spell requires a Banana, two Law runes, two Fire runes, and two Water runes. This is the only teleport spell that requires an item other than runes. It is also one of the few spells for which the steam staff is useful. This teleport cannot be put into a tablet.

Hafuba ignores players in human form (does not attack) allowing time to equip a gree-gree.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if you are using regular Magic.


2Water rune2Fire rune2Law rune952
Combo runes
2Fire rune2Law rune2Mud rune2,402
2Water rune2Law rune2Lava rune2,180
2Water rune2Law rune2Smoke rune2,080
2Law rune2Steam rune2,110
2Fire rune2Law rune2Mist rune2,620
2Fire rune2Law runeStaff of water912
2Fire rune2Law runeMud battlestaff912
2Law runeSteam battlestaff670
2Water rune2Law runeLava battlestaff710
2Water rune2Law runeStaff of fire710
2Fire rune2Law runeAvernic wandTome of frost912

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