Teleport phrases are short magic incantations said by various NPCs while teleporting players. The term "Teleport phrase" was first introduced during the quest Myths of the White Lands. They have no effect when said by players in the chat interface.

Known phrasesEdit

Phrase Said by When teleporting to
Senventior disthine molenko! The wizards Sedridor, Aubury, Brimstail, and Cromperty Rune essence mine (after Rune Mysteries)
Senventior disthine molesko! Sorceress' Apprentice The Sorceress's Garden (after Prince Ali Rescue)
Ectosum glissendo! Isidor Land of Snow
Avach nimporto! Any Tool leprechaun

Winkin's farm

Avach serimporto! Shamus

Port Sarim (during the Lost City quest)

Predem Abducto! Player Meeting History (into Gielinor's ancient past, to the roots of humanity itself)
Klarata Sepptento Valkan! Nora T. Hagg Right outside her house (during, and after the Witch's House quest)
Sparanti Morudo Calmentor! Aubury Wizard's Tower (only once, during Rune Mysteries)
Veniens! Sallakar! Rinnesset! Mage of Zamorak The abyss (after the miniquest Abyss)
Arcanus Sempitor Teleportus Retainus! Akrisae Multiple locations during the quest While Guthix Sleeps

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