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Teddy (NPC)
Release date 7 August 2012 (Update)
Also known as Theodore
Race Polar bear
Members Yes
Quest NPC Some Like It Cold
Location(s) Prisoner of Walrus camp, Circus
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Agent of the PBJ.
Teddy chathead

Teddy, or Theodore, is a PBJ agent. He wears a clown suit which was put on when he attempted to escape the Seal Camp as a form of humiliation. While in the camp, he is often prompted by the seals around him to dance for them, which he rises up onto his hind legs to do. On some occasions, he may also juggle what appear to be blue and green balls.

He is a main character in the quest Some Like It Cold and helps the player to escape from the Seal Camp. After the completion of this quest, he can be found within the circus, having ironically grown to enjoy being a clown. Talking to him will enable you to begin the Thieving performances.