Team capes are wilderness capes that can be purchased for 50 coins from cape merchants. Another player with the same team cape equipped will show up on the minimap as a blue dot rather than white, and the left-click "Attack" option will be moved to a right-click, as if the other player is of higher level than the player. If two players are wearing different team capes, then the "Attack" option for each other will both be left-click, regardless if one player has a higher combat level.

Team capes are popular in Wilderness Warbands to prevent accidentally attacking allied players. After the 10 December 2007 update, all team capes became non-member items and available for first hand purchase by all players. Team capes have since become the most popular choice of wear for nearly all free players, due to its affordability, better looks compared to single-coloured capes, and better bonuses.

One team cape can be stored on a cape rack in a Player-owned house.

Clan Team Cape

All the colours of team capes.

Team cape colours and patternsEdit

There are currently 50 cape designs. Team capes vary in colour:

  • Pink (1-10)
  • Yellow (11-20)
  • Blue (21-30)
  • Green (31-40)
  • Red (41-50)

Team capes vary in pattern:

Team number Cape pattern Seller Seller location in Wilderness area Patterns available
1, 11, 21, 31, and 41 Box William Level 35 ~ 48 around Red Dragon Isle or by the Demonic Ruins , sometimes seen near the perimeter of a spider invaded hill Team-1 cape Team-11 cape Team-21 cape Team-31 cape Team-41 cape
2, 12, 22, 32, and 42 X Ian Level 31 Forgotten Cemetery Team-2 cape Team-12 cape Team-22 cape Team-32 cape Team-42 cape
3, 13, 23, 33, and 43 Cross Larry Clan Wars arena, in the Gamers' Grotto Team-3 cape Team-13 cape Team-23 cape Team-33 cape Team-43 cape
4, 14, 24, 34, and 44 Dashed lines Darren West of Lava Maze Team-4 cape Team-14 cape Team-24 cape Team-34 cape Team-44 cape
5, 15, 25, 35, and 45 Horizontal stripes Edward Level 45 far east of Demonic Ruins, in the "New Castle" Team-5 cape Team-15 cape Team-25 cape Team-35 cape Team-45 cape
6, 16, 26, 36, and 46 Box at top Richard In Edgeville, by the Wilderness Wall. Team-6 cape Team-16 cape Team-26 cape Team-36 cape Team-46 cape
7, 17, 27, 37, and 47 Scarab Neil Level 32 Bandit Camp Team-7 cape Team-17 cape Team-27 cape Team-37 cape Team-47 cape
8, 18, 28, 38, and 48 Circle Edmond East of the hobgoblin mine. Sometimes inside the Wilderness Volcano. Team-8 cape Team-18 cape Team-28 cape Team-38 cape Team-48 cape
9, 19, 29, 39, and 49 Outline Simon Level 13 Chaos Temple Team-9 cape Team-19 cape Team-29 cape Team-39 cape Team-49 cape
10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 Claw Sam Level 19 east of Dark Warriors' Fortress Team-10 cape Team-20 cape Team-30 cape Team-40 cape Team-50 cape
Cape merchant locations

Current GE prices of individual team capesEdit

Pattern > Box X Cross Dashed lines Horizontal stripes Box at top Scarab Circle Outline Claw
Pink Team-1 cape Team-1 cape 1,538 Team-2 cape Team-2 cape 964 Team-3 cape Team-3 cape 111 Team-4 cape Team-4 cape 619 Team-5 cape
Team-5 cape
Team-6 cape Team-6 cape 115 Team-7 cape Team-7 cape 837 Team-8 cape Team-8 cape 1,033 Team-9 cape Team-9 cape 1,851 Team-10 cape Team-10 cape 881
Yellow Team-11 cape Team-11 cape 1,191 Team-12 cape Team-12 cape 983 Team-13 cape Team-13 cape 384 Team-14 cape Team-14 cape 750 Team-15 cape
Team-15 cape
Team-16 cape Team-16 cape 206 Team-17 cape Team-17 cape 918 Team-18 cape Team-18 cape 799 Team-19 cape Team-19 cape 558 Team-20 cape Team-20 cape 545
Blue Team-21 cape Team-21 cape 868 Team-22 cape Team-22 cape 904 Team-23 cape Team-23 cape 148 Team-24 cape Team-24 cape 474 Team-25 cape
Team-25 cape
Team-26 cape Team-26 cape 251 Team-27 cape Team-27 cape 835 Team-28 cape Team-28 cape 484 Team-29 cape Team-29 cape 649 Team-30 cape Team-30 cape 656
Green Team-31 cape Team-31 cape 1,043 Team-32 cape Team-32 cape 997 Team-33 cape Team-33 cape 122 Team-34 cape Team-34 cape 370 Team-35 cape
Team-35 cape
Team-36 cape Team-36 cape 133 Team-37 cape Team-37 cape 552 Team-38 cape Team-38 cape 526 Team-39 cape Team-39 cape 572 Team-40 cape Team-40 cape 517
Red Team-41 cape Team-41 cape 834 Team-42 cape Team-42 cape 604 Team-43 cape Team-43 cape 216 Team-44 cape Team-44 cape 429 Team-45 cape
Team-45 cape
Team-46 cape Team-46 cape 239 Team-47 cape Team-47 cape 758 Team-48 cape Team-48 cape 619 Team-49 cape Team-49 cape 700 Team-50 cape Team-50 cape 448


  • If you take all the first letters from the wilderness cape merchants' names it will spell the word "WILDERNESS".
  • Cape number 22 used to resemble the Saltire (St. Andrew's Cross), which made it popular among Scottish players. The worn model was changed to one which looked less like it, but the inventory image still matches the original worn model, and more closely matches the Saltire.
  • Initially, grey team capes also existed, but were removed due to their likeness to the Cape of legends. They were later replaced by pink.
  • Team capes are one of the few items that used to be members only, but later became available to free players.
  • Some team cape merchants were moved to make them accessible on F2P worlds when the capes became available to free players.

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