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Teak Tree
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Logs Teak logs (211 coins)
Farming level N/A
Examine A beautiful, old teak tree.
Teak logs

A Teak tree is a dainty tree that can be found in various locations at the rare tree Rare tree map icon icon. Level 35 Woodcutting is required to chop down this tree. On the 20 March 2012, the teak trees were graphically updated in a hidden update. As of 23 September 2009 they have approximately a 2.5% chance to give a special teak log, which can be traded with the Sawmill operator for money or a conversion of logs in your inventory into planks with 2 special teak logs.

Teak trees can be found in these locations:

The first location introduced to have teak trees and the one that has most of them is the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai.

After completion of the quest Deadliest Catch, a new bank deposit box is available near the three teaks at Ape Atoll. Therefore it is considered the best spot for cutting teaks. There is also a deposit box on the coast of Karamja, relatively close to the Tai Bwo Wannai grove.

Along with mahogany logs, teak logs are used mainly for Construction, but they can also be lit for 105 Firemaking experience points and 120 adding to a fire. They can also be made into a crossbow stock, giving 27 Fletching experience.

Although teak trees are fairly unknown, they have been proven to be more experience per hour than willow trees. Teaks are even faster experience per hour than ivy, although they are about the same experience rate as Sawmill training. Since all teak trees are a fair distance away from a bank, unless you have finished the quest Deadliest Catch, in which a bank deposit appears near the Ape Atoll teak trees, players wishing to train on them for experience should drop or burn the logs they cut. Teak trees can give up to 90k to 110k experience per hour at 99 Woodcutting with strong woodcutting urns if dropping the logs as you cut.

Teaks may also be cut and banked for a small amount of cash. A good tactic for this is to go to the teak tree southwest of Castle Wars. When your inventory is full, use a ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars, bank the teaks, and repeat the process. Approximately 50k exp and 40k cash (if the teak logs are sold) per hour can be obtained this way. There is also a faster way to bank the teak logs if this spot is used. When your inventory is full, teleport to Mobilising Armies, bank, and use the spirit tree to teleport to the mountains east of the Poison Waste. (In order to do this, a player must have advanced far enough through The Path of Glouphrie quest.) Then, it is possible use a grapple hook to grapple over to where the teak tree is. Another good tactic, if Fairy Tale III - Battle at Orks Rift is complete, is to use the fairy ring (entering the code B•K•P) that is located east of the tree at Castle Wars. Since you don't need a dramen or lunar staff you can get a full load of teak logs. The bank in Zanaris is located close to the fairy ring, or use the Edgeville bank and return using the nearby fairy ring.

For cutting and dropping teaks, or cutting and burning teaks, there are several spots that can be used, including Ape Atoll, the Kharazi Jungle, and the teak enclosure in Tai Bwo Wannai village. All these locations have at least 3 teak trees close together. On Ape Atoll, you can woodcut while in the monkey form using a monkey greegree. There is more space to burn logs in Kharazi Jungle and Ape Atoll than Tai Bwo Wannai, but it is still possible to burn logs in the Tai Bwo Wannai location with some manoeuvring.


  • Despite the Woodcutting guide's claim, Jungle Potion is not required to cut them, it is only required to cut the teak trees in the Hardwood Grove near Tai Bwo Wannai.
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