Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl
Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl
Release date 29 May 2013 (Update)
Race Aviansie
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location East of the Clan Camp
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine The emissary of Armadyl.
Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl location
Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl chathead

Taw'Paak is the emissary of the aviansie god, Armadyl. She can be found east of the Clan Camp. According to Taw'Paak, if one chooses to follow Armadyl, the god will offer justice, protection, and equality for all.

She will give followers of Armadyl various tasks to complete. Taw'Paak will also hand them a banner of Armadyl and a Book of the Gods. The title "[Name] of Armadyl" may be activated through this emissary.


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