Not to be confused with Task Master.
Taskmaster emote icon
Release date 24 November 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration 9 seconds
Requirements Completion of every task

Taskmaster is an emote awarded after completing every task (the New Varrock Task set is not required). It is the third emote to utilise Z-buffering (the first being Faint, the second being Puppetmaster), taking the player out of the "grid" to which it was restricted in past animations. It requires a clear 3×3 area to be performed.

Requirement tableEdit

Total level: 2400
Attack 90 Constitution 90 Mining 90
Strength 90 Agility 90 Smithing 95b
Defence 90 Herblore 94b Fishing 96b
Ranged 90 Thieving 95b Cooking 95b
Prayer 95 Crafting 98b Firemaking 92b
Magic 90 Fletching 93b Woodcutting 90
Runecrafting 91b Slayer 95 Farming 91b
Construction 90 Hunter 90 Summoning 95
Dungeoneering 95 Divination 90 Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed 127* Quest 270* Task icon fixed All
Music icon fixed 500 Runescore -----
  • The table shows the skill levels required to complete all Tasks. This may not include the levels needed to complete quests that also are required to complete some Tasks.
  • A b indicates that a temporary boost may be used to reach that level.
  • The Assist system cannot be used.
  • Requires either maximum quest points, or 1 skill at level 99 and 270 quest points.
  • Though 100 combat is the highest actual requirement, the minimum required combat skills would yield a combat level of 127.

The current XP required to complete all of the Tasks is 175,792,057, excluding skill requirements of quests required for some Tasks and assuming no skill boosts are used. This is roughly 4.5 times the amount of experience required to complete all current quests and earn the Quest point cape.

Audio options icon
The taskmaster emote sound for female players.


  • It is the first emote with a voice.
  • During the emote your character will say "Ha!" Mod Moltare voiced this sound for male characters, while Mod Faye did the voice for female characters.
  • This is the second Emote with a cape interaction, the other being the celebration emote performed with the 10th Anniversary Cake.
  • Upon the release of the Burthorpe/Taverley tasks (31st January 2012), the tasks system still said you needed 426 tasks completed. If a player completed enough tasks, and reached the 426 milestone, they were informed that they could do the task master emote, and the icon would light up in the emote tab. However, attempting to do the emote resulted in being told you needed to complete all tasks. If a player went past the 426 total, the emote icon would become dulled out again.
  • Upon the release of the Tirannwn tasks, the task "Weave Come A Long Way" requires level 90+ in every skill, having the highest XP requirement for any one task. Also the task, "99 With a Flake" requires at least one 99, or a quest cape.

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