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Tangled toads' legs detail

Tangled toads' legs is a Gnome dish that can be made at level 40 cooking. They are used in the Gnome Restaurant minigame and The Path of Glouphrie quest. Tangled toads' legs were first invented by the gnome Deelie to celebrate Healthorg the Great Day.

They heal 200 to 1500 life points, depending on your constitution level. The minimum Constitution level to receive the full amount of healing from this food is 60.

Enter your Constitution level name=skillstat_Constitution_level|type=int|value=1|range=9,99|size=4|sublist=calchealing

let(base,60) let(hp,skillstat_Constitution_level) if(hp < base){




} let(healing,"This will heal " + heal + " life points at level "+hp+".")

They seem to take a second longer than most foods to restore your Life Points. It is therefore unadvised to use these in dangerous situations where healing Life Points rapidly is a necessity.

To make a Tangled Toads' Legs:

  1. Fill a gnomebowl mould with Gianne Dough to create a raw gnomebowl and bake to create a Half baked bowl, granting 30 Cooking experience.
  2. Click the Half baked bowl to select the prepare option and add the 4 Toad's legs, 2 Cheese, 2 Equa leaves, 1 Gnome spice, and 1 Dwellberry to the Half baked bowl to create a Half made bowl, granting 50 Cooking experience.
  3. Bake the Half made toad bowl, which removes the Tangled Toads' Legs from the gnomebowl mould (returning it to your inventory), granting a final 105 Cooking experience for a grand total of 185 experience for making the dish.

Tangled Toads' Legs are dropped by Tortoises, Warped tortoises and Warped terrorbirds.

In an update on 9 November 2009, a missing eat sound for tangled toads' legs was added.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Warped terrorbird821–3Uncommon
Warped tortoise721–4Uncommon


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