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Swift gloves detail
Swift gloves are a set of degradable gloves that can be obtained in the Dominion Tower. They offer the best offensive bonuses for ranged. They require 80 Ranged to wield. Since players must be at least combat level 110 and have completed at least 20 quests involving Dominion Tower boss monsters, these are effectively additional requirements for the gloves.

Players can choose between four different colours of Swift gloves: black, white, yellow, and red. Additionally, the gloves have an animation that resembles green flames coming off Swift gloves degrade after four hours of combat and must be reobtained from the Dominion Tower afterward.

Combat properties

Swift gloves have the highest offensive ranged bonuses in RuneScape.

Combat StatsSwift gloves equipped
Skill requirements
Unknown edit
Unknown editGloves slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses

Special attack

When fighting with the gloves, they will randomly execute a special attack that fires two projectiles if you deal at least two thirds of your maximum hit. If you deal your maximum hit, the enemy will also be stunned. This special attack does not use any of the special attack bar. The special can activate even when hitting zero. This special shot does not work with all ranged weapons and does not affect enchanted bolt effects. However, it is still possible to hit consecutive low hits with the swift glove's special.

File:Swift gloves double bolts.gif

Affected bows

Currently, the known weapons that are affected by the Swift Gloves are the Dominion crossbow, Boogie Bow, Zanik's crossbow, Morrigan's javelins, Sagaie, Chaotic crossbow, Royal Crossbow, Gravite shortbow, Throwing knives, Chinchompas, Thrownaxe, Darts, Zaryte bow, Karil's crossbow, Toktz-xil-ul, Crystal bow, Rune crossbow, Blisterwood stake, Dark bow, Comp ogre bow, Holy water, Magic shortbow, and Magic longbow (sighted and non-sighted).

Bolas and hand cannons do not work with the gloves.


Total level: 1,144
Attack-icon 78 Constitution-icon - Mining-icon 52
Strength-icon 78 Agility-icon 50 Smithing-icon 70
Defence-icon 40 Herblore-icon 49 Fishing-icon 62
Ranged-icon 40 Thieving-icon 54 Cooking-icon 70
Prayer-icon 42 Crafting-icon 70 Firemaking-icon 71
Magic-icon 80 Fletching-icon 10 Woodcutting-icon 52
Runecrafting-icon - Slayer-icon 10 Farming-icon 25
Construction-icon 70 Hunter-icon 46 Summoning-icon 55
Dungeoneering-icon - Divination-icon ---- Invention-icon ----
Attack style icon fixed 110 Quest 108 Task icon fixed 30
Music icon fixed ----

To unlock the option to receive Swift gloves as a reward item from the Strange face, players must meet a number of requirements:

  • Defeat a total of 500 bosses in either Climber or Endurance matches. The victories do not have to be consecutive.
  • Defeat the following bosses in the Tower at least once:
Boss Quest it's from
Pest Queen The Void Stares Back
Zenevivia Love Story
Damis, Fareed, Kamil and Dessous Desert Treasure
Karamel and Gelatinnoth Mother Recipe for Disaster
Jungle demon Monkey Madness
The Inadequacy Dream Mentor

The skill levels required to complete the above quests are detailed in the box to the right. These effectively function as additional requirements to obtain and use Swift gloves.

Degrading & reobtaining

Swift gloves degrade and fall apart after four hours of combat. Players can check the condition of a given pair of Swift gloves by right-clicking them and selecting "check-state". It is important to note that, in contrast to most other degradable items, Swift gloves count upward from 0% degraded (perfect condition) to 100% degraded (falling apart). For example, a pair of Swift gloves that is 75% degraded has been used for three hours, and has one hour of usage remaining before falling apart.

While a pair of Swift gloves cannot be repaired, it is possible to obtain multiple pairs from the strange face by killing another 5 bosses in either Climber or Endurance matches; this will earn an invisible "reward credit" that can be exchanged for a pair of Swift gloves, Goliath gloves, Spellcaster gloves, or 100 dreadnips. The strange face will store up to 15 such "credits", after which they must be redeemed in order to earn more. A player may only have 3 pairs of Swift gloves at any one time.



  • The stats of the Swift gloves used to be lower until an update on 6 March 2012.
  • Before an update on 11 April, Swift gloves used to show four different messages instead of a percentage. These messages were "The gloves are in perfect condition." "The gloves are slightly degraded. "The gloves are very degraded." And lastly, "The gloves are almost falling apart."
  • Swift gloves along with all other Dominion Tower gloves do not display as particle effects in the Adventurer's Log.

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