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This article is about the weapon. For the Hunter creature, see swamp lizard (Hunter).
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Swamp lizard detail

The swamp lizard is a two-handed Ranged weapon. It requires a Ranged level of 30 to wield. In order to be operated, players must provide the lizard with guam tar, placed in the ammunition slot.

Even though the swamp lizard is the weakest of the salamander weapon class, it is the second most costly salamander, after black salamander because it is the tertiary ingredient used in making swamp titan pouches. As such, it has become a popular method of training and money making for hunters.

With 29 Hunter, the swamp lizard weapon may be obtained by net trapping swamp lizards in Morytania, buying them from other players, or by buying them from the Grand Exchange.

Players may also trap swamp lizards in Nyriki's private hunting grounds through the Swamp lizard portal with the use of Swamp Lizard Quota Tickets. These tickets can be earned through the Big Chinchompa Distraction & Diversion. This method can be considered easier than hunting swamp lizards in Morytania, because the player does not have to worry about dealing with ghasts or other aggressive creatures.

Players may receive swamp lizards from opening a box of summoning ingredients, a possible reward from the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion, or as a possible reward from the Giant Oyster.

The swamp lizard will not appear under the player's gravestone if he/she dies. If held in a beast of burden when the beast is dismissed, they will appear on the ground.

Combat Stats
RequirementsSwamp lizard equipped
30 Ranged
Ranged Ranged2h slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average


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  • A new lizard will spawn directly after you take one out of a net.
  • Despite the damage information, it still says bolts for ammo instead of guam tar.

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