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This article is about the Hunter creature. For the weapon, see Swamp lizard.
Coins 10000
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Swamp Lizard
Swamp lizard wild
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Hunter Level 29
Experience 152
Location Northern Morytania
Trap Net trap
Preferred bait Guam tar
Retaliation No
Loot Swamp lizard
Examine A very slimy and generally disgusting green lizard.

A Swamp lizard is a creature found only in Morytania, southeast of Canifis, south of the Werewolf Agility Course, and also in a private area for which tickets can be obtained at the Big Chinchompa D&D. Members can catch them with the Hunter skill at level 29, requiring a Small fishing net and a rope to do so. Each one caught grants 152 experience. To catch a swamp lizard, the player must set up their trap at a young tree. Note, ghasts may be able to attack you depending on where you set up your traps.

When caught, a swamp lizard becomes a two-handed ranged weapon. Wielding them requires 30 Ranged.

A Swamp lizard is also used as a secondary ingredient for creating a Swamp titan pouch in Summoning, so catching them can also be a good money making technique. If you have finished the Myreque quest series up to a certain point, the Canifis shortcut becomes available, making for easier banking. Alternatively, higher levelled players who have completed Desert Treasure and are on the Ancient Magicks spellbook can use the Kharyrll Teleport for the fastest method of banking, at the cost of teleport runes.

Many medium levelled hunters hunt swamp lizards for money since there is a constant demand, therefore guaranteeing them a good price. If constantly hunting with two nets, the average amount of cash earned per hour is about 500,000 coins. This will increase with 3 nets at a time. The amount of money earned per hour is also increased, when a familiar is used with the ancient magic spellbook. Using the kharyll teleport to teleport to Canifis for fast banking.

Access to a private swamp lizard hunting area is one of the rewards of Big Chinchompa.


On average it takes about 6 minutes to get 22 Swamp Lizards. This includes running there, setting traps, running back, banking and resting to repeat. Each inventory (22 Swamp Lizards) is worth 52,822 coins and gives 3344 experience. This method requires the use of 3 traps. If you also have the requirements to wield these, then it can also be worth equipping one, meaning you get an extra lizard per trip. By using 4 traps and banking using porters it is possible to get around 380 swamp lizards per hour for a profit of over 912,380 coins and 56,000 experience.

NOTE: The above statement may vary depending on one's hunter level.

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