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Lunar Diplomacy

Superglass Make
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Superglass Make turns all sets of the two ingredients for glass into Molten glass instantly and without the need of a furnace. A set consists of one Bucket of sand and one Soda ash, Seaweed, or Swamp weed.

Note: Kelp must be ashes first, Lunar magic will not combine raw kelp with sand, but will work with raw normal seaweed. Edible seaweed will NOT work as you cannot make soda ash from it and it cannot be used in its raw form.

Unlike when making molten glass normally, the buckets are not returned to the player after glass has been made - the entire bucket of sand and seaweed/swamp weed/soda ash are consumed to randomly produce either 1 or 2 pieces of molten glass. On average, each set will produce 1.30 pieces of molten glass whereas regular molten glass crafting will only produce 1.00 pieces. Please note that the spell only works on PAIRS of ingredients.

A maximum of 14 pairs of ingredients can be converted per spell. To do this, the player must wield a greater runic staff or a wicked pouch which has been charged with runes for Superglass make, while having in inventory the 14 sets of ingredients. This will produce a long-term average of 18.2 pieces of molten glass per cast. Using this spell to create molten glass can simultaneously train the magic and crafting skills for significant profit, although using this spell to train magic is significantly slower than more popular magic training spells, such as high alchemy, due to the need to bank in between each cast.

Besides the 78 Magic experience given per cast, this spell also gives 10 Crafting experience for every set of one bucket of sand and one heap of Seaweed or Soda ash used in the cast. This is half the experience (20 exp) for making glass in a furnace. As 14 of each can be used in each cast, the maximum Crafting experience per cast is 140, and the maximum total experience is 224.

Using Superglass Make will not yield Crafting Strange rocks.


The average profit per cast is 1,656 coins (assuming seaweed, buckets of sand and runes are bought and that molten glass is sold (at a ratio of 1.30 glass for every set of sand and seaweed), while wielding a greater runic staff charged with Superglass Make runes).

Superglass Make costs 1164 coins per cast, 814 coins if an Air staff is equipped and 942 coins if a Fire staff is equipped.

Worth noting is the fact that the profitability of Superglass making can vary greatly. The reason for this is the Grand Exchange prices on sand/seaweed/astral runes fluctuate quite frequently. It is recommended to study the market beforehand if aiming to maximise profit.

Maximising Speed Edit

The use of mousekeys can nearly double the number of casts you can do in an hour. Your mousekey settings (assuming Windows Vista) should be set as follows:

  • Top Speed - 3 notches below maximum
  • Acceleration - 1 notch below maximum
  • You should also turn on sticky keys
  • You should also turn on one-button clicking

Your sand and seaweed should be on top of each other in your bank. Before starting, you also need to set the 'withdraw X' feature to be withdrawing 14 items. Assuming you have seaweed on the bottom of your stack, place your cursor over the seaweed and press 5,2,2,5,8,5,2,2,5. This should withdraw 14 seaweed and 14 buckets of sand. After you have cast the spell, deposit your molten glass with the 'deposit all' feature and repeat the process. Placing your stacks next to the deposit all button should further speed up your banking time.

Using this method allows you to achieve up to 500 casts per hour, however for those new to mousekeys, 350 casts per hour is probably more realistic.

As with all Lunar Magic spells, the Lunar Diplomacy quest must be completed to cast this spell.

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