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This article is about the 4-dose potion. For the potion flask version, see Super attack flask.
For the barbarian mix, see Super attack mix.
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Super attack detail

Super attack potions are made by mixing a clean irit and then an eye of newt in a vial of water, giving 100 Herblore experience. Mixing requires level 45 Herblore, but may be made at level 44 Herblore if a player drinks Greenman's ale, or at level 43 when a player drinks Greenman's ale (m). This potion is commonly used with super strength potions for training and boss fights.

Using a super attack potion temporarily raises the player's Attack level by 2-13 (2 + 12% of level, rounded down). Using this potion does not grant the player the ability to wield weapons above their base attack level.

A super attack potion (3) is an ingredient for making extreme attack potions, along with a clean avantoe. A super attack potion (4) is an ingredient in a Grand attack potion, one of the combination potions.

Price per doseEdit

Item Price per dose
Super attack (1) Super attack (1) 449
Super attack (2) Super attack (2) 459
Super attack (3) Super attack (3) 599
Super attack (4) Super attack (4) 584


Super attack (3) Super attack (3)
Herblore-icon-Make-X GE icon
100 XP-1,797
Herblore-icon Herblore level45
P2P icon Members only?Yes
Irit potion (unf) Irit potion (unf)12,8092,809
Eye of newt Eye of newt177
Total price2,816

Production costsEdit

Herb state Material cost Profit/loss Profit/xp
Clean 2,639-842-8.42
Grimy 2,449-652-5.99

Flask Edit

This potion can be made into a Super attack flask by using at least six doses of it with a Potion flask. Players do not need a specific level to turn potions into flasks.


This item can be disassembled with the Invention skill.
Disassembly XP ?1.3
Item quantity required ?1
Base junk chance ?50.5%
Total materials received ?1
Possible materials
Delicate parts Delicate parts
Organic parts Organic parts
Crafted parts Crafted parts
Enhancing components Enhancing components
Healthy components Healthy components

Disassembling a super attack potion grants one component per dose.

Dropping monsters Edit

Super attack (1) Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
'Rum'-pumped crab841Common
Ancient warrior1031Uncommon
Skeletal Wyvern1091Uncommon
Elite dark mage982Unknown
Lesser reborn warrior681Unknown
TzHaar-Hur86; 981Unknown

Super attack (2) Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Dagannoth Rex3031Uncommon
Greater reborn warrior821Unknown

Super attack (3) Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Dagannoth guardian981Common
K'ril Tsutsaroth6503Common
Steel dragon1001Common
Exiled kalphite guardian981Uncommon
Balfrug Kreeyath1021Uncommon
Iron dragon981Uncommon
Tstanon Karlak1021Uncommon
Lesser reborn mage681Unknown

Super attack (4) Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
WildyWyrm382; 5621Uncommon

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