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For the vial version, see Super Saradomin brew potion.
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Super Saradomin brew flask detail

A Super Saradomin brew is an enhanced version of the normal Saradomin brew, healing 1300 life points per dose instead of 1000. It is made by using Super Saradomin brew on a potion flask. Like Saradomin brews, it increases Defence but decreases Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged levels.

This potion is one of very few ways to raise life points above the normal maximum. The boosting effect will not stack with rocktail, but it will stack with the warmth of a bonfire.

The Super Saradomin brew flask heals a total of 7800 life points, which is considerably more than any single-bite food like rocktail soup or rocktails. It is the best non-stackable food in terms of life points per inventory slot. Therefore, it is perhaps the most expensive consumable item excluding overload flasks which cost 118,293 coins. It also doesn't decrease adrenaline like traditional food.


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  • The flask seems to develop a wooden frame when filled with Super Saradomin brew.
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