For the vial version, see Super Guthix brew potion.
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Super Guthix brew flask detail

A super Guthix brew flask is a high level potion made when six doses of super Guthix rest are used on a potion flask. 93 Herblore is needed to create the super Guthix rest and 89 Crafting is needed for the potion flask.

When drunk, it functions as its potion counterpart, it cures poison, provides about 30 seconds of poison immunity, heals 650 life points and can temporarily boosts your maximum life points by 650, and gives 15% adrenaline.

Drinking this potion will prevent the player from drinking adrenaline potions for 120 seconds as they share the same cooldown timer. However, more doses of Super Guthix rest can be drunk during this time for its other effects, allow it to essentially act as a food item that takes more clicks to consume but does not reduce adrenaline, much like Saradomin brews, but heals less, does not affect combat stats, and is much cheaper.

On the other hand, while it is not possible to drink adrenaline potions at full adrenaline, it is possible to drink super Guthix rests, and this will put the adrenaline gain from potions on cooldown.

If the full, 6-dosed version of this potion is consumed, each dose would cost about 3217.2 coins. This is roughly 259% as expensive per sip compared to the 4-dose Super Guthix rest.


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  • When the flask is filled, it seems to develop a wooden frame.
  • As Super Guthix Brews are tradeable and adrenaline potions aren't, a lot of PKers use these as an alternative to adrenaline potions if they do not meet the Herblore requirement of 84 to make them. Super Guthix potions also share the same cooldown timer as adrenaline potions.
  • Despite the potion being called super Guthix rest, the flask refers to it as super Guthix brew.

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