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A sunchoke seed is a seed which may be grown in a allotment patch by players with 87 Farming.

Planting the seed grants the player 208 Farming experience, and harvesting the resulting sunchoke provides the player with an amount of Strength experience that varies by skill level. It can be protected by paying a farmer 15 Yanillian hops. It can be obtained from Herblore Habitat and also by pickpocketing gnomes, elves and dwarf traders. You need 3 seeds to fill one allotment.

There is currently what appears to be a glitch when attempting to harvest the sunchoke.  A message appears "You don't have the farming level to gain XP from the harvest. You can either leave the harvest and return with boosted stats or you can clear the patch." 


An allotment patch filled with Sunchokes.

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