Summoning points are related to the Summoning skill level. When summoning a familiar, the Summoning level is reduced by the Summoning point cost for that familiar. While familiars are summoned they drain summoning points slowly over time until the player's summoning points reach 0, similar to when a prayer is used. Over the life of the familiar, the number of summoning points drained will be equal to the level required to summon the familiar (unless you run out of summoning points). This means that if a player summons a Bunyip with 75 Summoning points remaining, 7 points will be drained immediately, and 61 more will be drained over the life the bunyip, for a total of 68 points (the level of the bunyip). However, the familiar is not dismissed when the player's points reach 0. It will stay summoned and can perform all of its normal activities except for right-click abilities. This means with 7 points remaining, the player can summon another bunyip and keep it for the full 44 minutes. When your familiar's timer runs out, you must recharge your summoning points to summon another familiar.

Additionally, using right-click abilities on a familiar will drain a certain number of summoning points when activated (i.e. Flames ability) unless there are none, and in that case the ability won't work. (Do not confuse right-click abilities with Summoning scrolls, which do not drain summoning points when used.)

Similar to Prayer points, Summoning points can be regained by visiting a Summoning obelisk, Small obelisk or by drinking a Summoning potion(s) or a Super restore potion(s). If the player has more than their max summoning points, an obelisk will not return the points to the player's limit, but the animation and message will still appear. This allows repetitive use of the obelisk, with no effect.

The amount of points remaining appears next to the Summoning icon on the Action bar and in your skill levels list.
Empty action bar

Summoning icon appears on the right side of the bar

The Ardougne cloak 4 has the ability to fully restore a player's summoning points once per day.

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