Studded leather armour is armour of better quality than leather armour. It requires 20 Defence to wear any piece of studded leather armour. The pieces can be made by members using the Crafting skill. Making studded armour simply requires adding steel studs to the following pieces of regular leather armour: leather body, leather gloves, leather chaps, leather boots, and leather shield. A coif does not require studs and is instead made using leather, however, it has the same level requirements as studded equipment. Players cannot stud hard leather armour.

Studded body and chaps can be bought from Lowe's Archery Emporium in Varrock. Also available are trimmed and gold-trimmed versions of the body and chaps which come from level 1 Treasure Trails.

Components and bonusesEdit

AttributeStyle bonusPriceStudded leather armour set equipped
CoifCoif [1]6300---702
Studded bodyStudded body7200---1,037
Studded leather glovesStudded leather gloves1500---649
Studded chapsStudded chaps6900---983
Studded leather bootsStudded leather boots1500---781
Studded leather shieldStudded leather shield6300---450
  1. ^ While a coif is not studded, it is included here because it requires 20 Defence to wear and can only be made by members.


  • Pickpockets Edd and Bert both appear to be wearing recoloured versions of studded leather armour.

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