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A strong yew in Lumbridge Swamp.

Strong trees are large plants that are used for shortcuts. A mithril grapple and a normal crossbow or better (including karil's crossbow) are required to latch on to them. The strong yew in the lumbridge swamp was replaced with a strong tree on 15 February 2011.



  • If you try to grapple the strong tree in Catherby a message pops up saying "You cannot see a good spot to grapple the rock" even though you are trying to grapple the tree.
  • With the addition of the bridge next to the Al-Kharid shortcut, this shortcut has become somewhat useless, although it is required to be built and used for completion of the medium Desert Tasks.
  • Unlike other trees, strong trees may not be cut. Strangely, some of the strong trees are smaller than their cuttable counterparts.

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