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Strange token detail

The Strange token is a random drop from any monsters roaming any of the warped floors of Daemonheim. It is the twentieth Miscellaneous journal and looks exactly the same as the tokens earned in the Fist of Guthix minigame. Why this item is found so deep in Daemonheim is a mystery. It is regarded as the rarest journal drop. Its drop rate is estimated between 1/10,000 and 1/50,000.[1] Complexity does not influence the drop rate. Because of its very rare drop rate, Jagex excluded it as a requirement for the Master quest cape.[1]

You can show the token to the smuggler (use on him). He keeps it and it shows up in your journal.

Attempting to trade the token will get you kicked out along with the message: "To save your items from Daemonheim's taint, you are removed from the party." However, the token will still be recorded. The game does this as a safety countermeasure against smuggled items. On 1 April 2017, this could also be done with an April Fools' pizza: ordering a pizza and trying to trade it would remove the player with the same message. This suggests that the Strange token is treated as a forbidden item in Daemonheim, but it is not currently known why.

Strange token interface


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Strange token.

What is this doing here? It doesn't look like it belongs in Daemonheim.

When used on the Smuggler

  • Player: Can you tell me what this is used for?
  • Smuggler: Uh... I've never seen anything like that... Let me see it. ... It's uh... It's not mine if that's what you're asking.
  • Player: Hmmm, okay. If you say so.



  1. ^ Mod Manti. "Dev Blog: QP master cape." 6 August 2015. RuneScape Ninja Team Forums.

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