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Strange plant location

Strange plants respawn within the red square, shown on this minimap.

The Strange plant is a randomly growing plant can be found on Karamja just northwest of the Brimhaven POH portal. When picked, it gives the player a strange fruit, which can be consumed to recover 60% run energy and cures poison if the player's character is poisoned.

An easy way to make these plants grow, and to obtain its fruits, is by visiting the plant respawns' location just north of the small lake (nearby the house portal in Brimhaven). If players are lucky they may notice that 3 strange plants start to grow, which can also be seen on the minimap as yellow dots. If these plants don't appear, a player can hop to a different world on the RuneScape servers and try to find plants growing there. Respawn time is approximately 30 minutes.

Random eventEdit

The strange plant as a random event was removed from RuneScape after an update.

The Strange plant used to be a RuneScape random event. This event made a plant grow next to the player. If the player did not pick the plant within a minute or two, then the plant would attack, and possibly poison. It was possible to attack and kill this monster, although it was very difficult due to the fact that any player's maximum hit on it was 3 HP (30 LP), and it had a considerable number of life points. It dropped nothing.

Fighting strategyEdit

Before the Update, if the player chose to, they could fight this random event. The player was given about 5–8 minutes to kill it before it disappeared. Due to its high defence level, a few rings of recoil would help greatly while fighting. Some food and a high-level antipoison potion may also have helped. Upon killing the random, players wouldn't receive anything; however, as few players have been known to kill it, it was often considered an impressive feat.

Another strategy was to use Guthan's armour as, although all damage on the strange plant was capped, the Guthan's set would still heal the regular amount a player would have hit, if not for the damage cap.

However, all players needed to kill efficiently is patience and level 9+ Magic. Players could use approximately 250 Earth Strikes to kill it from behind a table, fence, or other structure which they can shoot over.


  • The strange plant is supposed to be related to the Jade vine according to the Back to My Roots quest. Another relative of the strange plant is the "Stranger plant" a summoning familiar called forth from the Spirit Plane.
  • When fighting the strange plant with Guthan's armour, the player could heal higher than the damage that is dealt.
  • The Strange Plant may be based on a enemy in the Zelda series called a Deku Baba from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask; its attack form resembles a Bio Deku Baba from Majora's Mask and the Stranger Plant resembles a Boko Baba.
  • The spell Wind Strike, which normally has a maximum hit of 2 HP (20 LP), could inflict 3 HP (30 LP) of damage on the strange plant.
  • The Strange Plant has the same properties as a Starflower in which it shrinks after being picked.
  • When examined, the Strange plant is described as a male. "He's not after you..."


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