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Strange glowing orb (vibrating) detail

A vibrating Strange glowing orb is an item obtained by using the red strange glowing orb on the ancient statue.

It can be listened to for random pieces of dialogue. However, having any type of rune in your inventory will result in the same message: "I wonder... How do those work?".


Upon listening to the orb

  • You hold the orb to your ear, you can hear whispers.
  • (Without a rune in backpack, a random line is selected out of the following six:)
    • ???: Be still <player>.
    • ???: Do you not see it? Do you not see me?
    • ???: It does not end here.
    • ???: Return to where it all began...
    • ???: What a strange creature you are... so fragile...
    • ???: You are... Unworthy...
    • The whispers dissipate.
  • (With a rune in backpack:)
    • ???: I wonder... How do those work?
    • The orb feels colder than usual.


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