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Strange glowing orb detail

The strange glowing orb is an item obtained from Trinks after giving her the trinket obtained from Bricks. The orb will turn into a red strange glowing orb if it is used on the ancient statue, then used on the Blood Altar within 2 minutes.

When the orb was first released, its use was entirely unknown. Mod Ramen hinted about the use, but no progress was made. On 14 December 2015, the red strange glowing orb was added to the game, and according to Mod Ramen, the way the orb is used changed. He gave the following hint[1]:

First of all don't think outside the box. After you're inside the box, what appears to be nothing may well be something bigger.

The orb was once worn by the Elven ranger during the fall of Solak but now contains some of the lifeforce of Merilthel's brother Eredthor (the other half Solak took into his own body). After being handed over to Seren the orb/gem was set aside and found its way through to Mazcab over the ages.[2]


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