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Strange fragment detail

A strange fragment is a shard of metal that is used to repair the strange artefact during the exploration-related God Emissaries jobs. Eight are needed to complete the job, and finding all twelve has no effect. The artefact locations list given by players by their emissary leader states the general locations of these artefacts. They do not appear on your minimap, but can be found in the following locations:

  • Near Varrock
  • North of Falador
  • North of Al Kharid
    • West wall of Al Kharid (south-west of mining site; north-west of summoning obelisk and oasis)
    • East wall of Al Kharid (east of the mining site and west mage training area)
  • Southern Asgarnia
  • Near Lumbridge and Draynor
    • Inside Lumbridge Eastern cow field (north-east of dairy cow)
    • North-east of Draynor lodestone

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