This article is about the stone spirit that appeared in the 2011 Easter event. For the spirit that banks ores, see Stone spirit.
Easter Bunny chathead
Stone spirit (Holly and Hawthorn) only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
Stone spirit
Stone spirit (Holly and Hawthorn)
Release date 19 April 2011 (Update)
Race Spirit
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Land of Holly and Hawthorn
Sells items No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine It emanates a sense of solidity and mass.
Stone spirit (Holly and Hawthorn) chathead

The stone spirit was a character encountered during the 2011 Easter event. He longs for spring, and gave the player the stone key. When the player showed surprise over a talking stone, he called the player a talking piece of meat. He was found by climbing the rocks in the northeast corner of the ‎Land of Holly and Hawthorn.

Stone spirit area

The area where the Stone spirit resides.