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Stone of binding

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Stone of binding
Stone of binding
Release date 3 July 2013 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy Drop
Store price 500,000 coins
(Robe Store owner)
Exchange price 504,066 coins (info)
Buy limit 10
Examine A magical stone that can reform itself if combined with mystical energy.
Weight 1 kg
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Stone of binding detail

Stone of binding is an item obtained from the Wizards' Guild's armour shop for 500,000 coins. When combined with tectonic energy, it can be used to make tectonic armour by players with 91+ Runecrafting.

ItemRunecrafting-icon levelTectonic energy EnergyStone of binding StonesExperienceCost (energy)
(Total cost)
GE Price
Tectonic maskTectonic mask91141500 Coins 1000 2,295,076
Coins 1000 2,799,142
Coins 1000 3,805,543
Tectonic robe bottomTectonic robe bottom922821,000 Coins 1000 4,590,152
Coins 1000 5,598,284
Coins 1000 7,503,728
Tectonic robe topTectonic robe top934231,500 Coins 1000 6,885,228
Coins 1000 8,397,426
Coins 1000 11,148,244

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