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Stone of binding detail

Stone of Binding is an item obtained from the Wizards' Guild's armour shop for 500,000 coins, or for 450,000 from Bandit Duty Free, a general store in the Wilderness Bandit Camp ran by Noterazzo. When combined with tectonic energy, it can be used to make tectonic armour by players with level 91+ Runecrafting.

ItemRunecrafting levelTectonic energy EnergyStone of binding StonesExperienceCost (energy)
(Total cost)
GE Price Profit/Loss
Tectonic maskTectonic mask91141500 9,897,832
11,894,157 1,535,110
Tectonic robe topTectonic robe top934231,500 29,693,496
35,704,482 4,627,341
Tectonic robe bottomTectonic robe bottom922821,000 19,795,664
23,778,375 3,060,281

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Bandit Duty Free450,000Coins 100Coins 5No
Magic Guild Store - Mystic Robes500,000Coins 100Coins 10Yes