Strick trap

The stick trap

Isafdar map

Stick traps are located in Tirannwn. They are identified by some sticks on the ground in a formation similar to a hurdle on the ground. Right-click "pass" on them to try and traverse the obstacle safely. It is very common to fail while attempting to pass the trap, and can take several tries to pass, even with 99 Agility. Failure gives 80 life points damage. The trap takes up two tiles, so the player must click on the part of the trap that is on his or her side.

The player tends to fail less if Run is turned off. It should also be noted that clicking to 'Walk here' on the other side of the sticks will automatically result in the player failing the trap and taking damage. In addition, failing from the 'sharp' end of the trap will still result in the player passing the trap, though still taking damage as usual.

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