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Stew detail

Stew is a food item made with the Cooking skill. A Cooking level of 25 is required to make them. Stews give 117 Cooking experience (or 119 if prepared from scratch), and heal 625 Life Points. Players will no longer burn stews when they reach level 58 cooking.

Uncooked stews are also the starting ingredient for curry, while cooked stews can be used to create spicy stews.

When preparing multiple incomplete stews with an inventory containing both cooked chicken and cooked meat, the cooked chicken will be used only when there is no more cooked meat in the inventory. (Whether this is intentional because cooked chicken has a higher value is uncertain).

It can be sold to the Draynor tree guard for 30 coins.

A Maid can also make a stew in a player house if asked.

Dropping monsters Edit

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Chaos Elemental13810Uncommon

Making the stewEdit

Tools/Utensils Bowl
Ingredients Raw potato, cooked meat / cooked chicken
Cooking-icon Level 25
Level at which it stops burning 58
Cooking-icon Experience 117 (119 if prepared from scratch)
Range Only? No
Instructions To make a stew:
  1. Use an empty bowl with water to get a bowl of water. (no experience)
  2. Use the bowl of water with a raw potato to get an incomplete stew. (1 cooking experience)
  3. Use the incomplete stew with either cooked meat or cooked chicken to get uncooked stew. (1 cooking experience)
  4. Cook the uncooked stew on a range or fire. (117 cooking experience)



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