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Steel bar detail

A steel bar is a bar of metal, refined through the Smithing skill by smelting an iron ore and 2 pieces of coal in a furnace, requiring 30 Smithing and granting 17.5 Smithing experience.

A steel bar can be forged on an anvil to create steel weapons and armour, granting 37.5 Smithing experience per bar used. A list of steel items that can be smithed from steel bars and the Smithing levels required can be found on the Smithing tables.

Steel bars are commonly used to create cannonballs, ammunition consumed by dwarf multicannons. In order to create cannonballs players must be a member, have completed the Dwarf Cannon quest, possess an ammo mould, and have at least level 35 Smithing. Each steel bar smiths 4 cannonballs, granting 25.5 Smithing experience each bar consumed. Assuming items are bought and sold at current Grand Exchange values, 4 cannonballs have a value of 1,688 coins, profiting players 899 coins per steel bar.


Steel bar
Smithing level 30
Used with Anvil, Furnace
Experience (per bar)
Smithing 37.5 XP
Tool XP 2.925 XP
Experience (per ore)
Smelting 17.5 XP
Tool XP 1.365 XP
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Steel bar Steel bar
Smithing-Make-X GE icon
17.5 XP-789
Smithing Smithing level30
P2P icon Members only?No
Iron oreIron ore1301301
Total price671

Training methodsEdit

Players commonly use steel bars to train the Smithing skill, despite being able to smith mithril bars or better, because it has the optimum traits of requiring only three ores, and provides a decent amount of experience. Smelting steel bars can be a very good non-members money-making method, depending on the price of the steel bar compared to its raw materials at the Grand Exchange. Based on current prices, the profit for making a single steel bar is 118 coins if all materials are bought and sold on the Grand Exchange. This method can be a profitable for Free-to-play Smithing training, profiting 6.74 coins each experience point earned.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Angry barbarian spirit1063Common
Bandit (Kharid Bandit Camp)541Uncommon
Bandit (Pollnivneach)531Uncommon
Barrel (Viyeldi caves)N/A1Rare
Berserk barbarian spirit1063Uncommon
Black Knight30; 331Common
Dried zombie673Common
Earth implingN/A1Common
Elite Black Knight1001–3Uncommon
Elite Khazard guard77; 841Rare
Enraged barbarian spirit1063Common
Fire giant851Uncommon
Hill giant441Rare
Moss giantN/A1Common
Sir Carl811Uncommon
Sir Harry813Uncommon
Sir Jerro811Uncommon
Skeleton brute883Common
Skeleton heavy893Common
Skeleton thug853Common
Skeleton warlord913Uncommon
Soldier (Imperial Guard)N/A1Uncommon
Spirit implingN/A2Unknown
Steel dragon1005Always
Trahaearn workerN/A1Common
Turoth64; 66; 68; 69; 712–4Common
Werewolf63; 891Common
Werewolf (human)N/A2Uncommon


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  • Noted steel bars can occasionally be found inside barrels throughout RuneScape.

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