Stealing Creation scores

The team & personal scores.

Stealing Creation won

The personal Individual scores.

Point SystemEdit

Doing various activities in the minigame will either earn or deduct from a player's personal score.

  • Gathering sacred clay earns the player 15 points per class
  • Processing sacred clay earns the player 15 points per class
  • Depositing sacred clay earns the player 30 points per class
  • Depositing clay items earns the player 60 points per class
  • Withdrawing sacred clay from the team's base deducts 30 points per class
  • Withdrawing clay items from the team's base deducts 60 points per class
  • The player earns 5 points for every 10 life points of damage dealt to an opponent
  • Runes and Summoning Scrolls have no class associated with them. This is compensated for by higher level clay creating more of the item. For example: class 1 clay turns into one Summoning Scroll, but class 3 clay turns into three. Individual runes are worth 4 points each (created in batches of at least 15).


Only combat experience is gained through the stealing creation minigame if you kill an opponent. Experience is not gained by other means. However, double experience tools, armour and weapons can all be acquired from the Rewards Mystic after a game.

Reward ShopEdit

There is a Rewards Shop in the hut east from the portal the players appear from when the game is over. Rewards are received in exchange for points gathered from playing the minigame. To exchange points, players may talk to the Rewards mystic and he will show them the variety of different rewards.

The score you gain while playing Stealing Creation is converted into Reward Points according to the following scheme:

Stealing Creation Points Reward Points
0 - 19,999 1 per 1,000 Stealing Creation Points
20,000 - 21,999 20
22,000 - 25,999 21
26,000 - 33,999 22
34,000 - 49,999 23
50,000 - 81,999 24
82,000 - 145,999 25
146,000+ 26

Reward EquipmentEdit

Stealing creation rewards interface

Stealing Creation Reward Shop

Type Bonus EXP Possible skills
Volatile tool 29,340 Crafting Crafting, Construction Construction, Fishing Fishing, Fletching FletchingHunter Hunter, Mining Mining, Smithing Smithing, Woodcutting Woodcutting
Proto-tool 24,450
Armour and weapons 24,450 Attack Attack, Defence Defence, Magic Magic, Ranged Ranged, Strength Strength
Bulk bonus experience 24,450 All of the above
Shields 0 None

The reward shop sells bonus experience in many combat and non-combat skills. Bonus experience can be consumed from sacred clay tools, armour, and weapons, or bought directly in bulk.

Tools bought can serve in place of ordinary ones, should they not be on a player's tool belt. The armour sets and weapons are tier 50, and the shields are tier 65.

Tools (non-combat experience)Edit

Volatile and proto-tools are sold for 20 reward points. A tool is bought as a seed and can be morphed into one of seven tools, from which the bonus experience is consumed in one lump sum. Proto-tools let you choose the tool you want and give 24,450 bonus experience, whereas volatile tools are random but give 29,340 experience (20% more). When the bonus experience is consumed, the tool remains and can be recharged at the shop for another 20 points.

So long as its experience has not been claimed, proto-tools can be reverted to seed and remorphed any number of times, should you change your mind on which tool you want. Volatile tools can be remorphed as well, but the tool loses 10% of its original experience with each morph and will be destroyed on the tenth revert.

After the initial expense of buying and morphing volatile tools, recharging volatile tools gives better value than buying proto-tools or bulk experience.

Tool Skills
Sacred clay butterfly net Butterfly net (volatile) (proto) Hunter Hunter
Sacred clay fletching knife Fletching knife (volatile) (proto) Fletching Fletching
Sacred clay hammer Hammer (volatile) (proto) Construction Construction, Smithing Smithing
Sacred clay harpoon Harpoon (volatile) (proto) Fishing Fishing
Sacred clay hatchet Hatchet (volatile) (proto) Woodcutting Woodcutting
Sacred clay needle Needle (volatile) (proto) Crafting Crafting
Sacred clay pickaxe Pickaxe (volatile) (proto) Mining Mining

Morphic armour and weapons (combat experience)Edit

Morphic armour for the head, body, and legs can be bought, as well as a weapon, each containing as much bonus experience as proto-tools. The individual prices range from 24 to 30 reward points. An item's bonus experience can be consumed immediately, leaving it still usable for combat; all depleted gear can be replenished in bonus experience for 20 points. If the player does not need the combat gear, then buying in bulk is the cheaper and simpler option.

Attack, Defence, Magic, Ranged, and Strength are all candidates for bonus experience. Bonus experience in Defence is only obtained from melee equipment.

Each item has a right-click option to change its combat style, and doing so will change any other items equipped or in the inventory to match, on the conditions that the items were drained of experience and were the same style to begin with. If you attempt to change an item that still has its experience, then you will receive bonus experience for the new combat style, draining the item. There is no limit to the amount of times depleted gear can be morphed.

The equipment is tier 50 and as such, level 50 in relevant combat skills are required to use it.

Item Reward points
Magic Magic Attack Melee Ranged Ranged
Sacred clay hat
Sacred clay helm
Sacred clay coif
Coif 24
Sacred clay robe top
Robe top
Sacred clay platebody
Sacred clay body
Body 30
Sacred clay robe bottom
Robe bottom
Sacred clay platelegs
Sacred clay chaps
Chaps 28
Sacred clay staff
Sacred clay scimitar
Sacred clay bow
Bow 26

Morphic shieldEdit

A morphic shield is bought for 200 reward points, which can be changed between magic, melee, and ranged combat styles at no cost. The shield is tier 65, higher than the other combat equipment at the shop, and it behaves as an ordinary shield. It degrades in combat and to be recharged for another 200 points. All styles require 65 Defence to equip. No bonus experience comes with its purchase.

Sacred clay shield (magic) Shield (magic)
Sacred clay shield (melee) Shield (melee)
Sacred clay shield (ranged) Shield (ranged)

Experience-boosting setsEdit

A piece of each outfit is bought for 100 reward points each. You will receive the pieces in random, however you will receive no duplicates.

Artisan's bandana Artisan's top Artisan's legs Artisan's gloves Artisan's boots Artisan's outfit
Fletcher's headwear Fletcher's chestpiece Fletcher's legwear Fletcher's gloves Fletcher's boots Fletcher's outfit

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