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This article is about the item in a player's house. For the base of the statue in the Varrock Museum, see Statue plinth.
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Statue Plinth (item) detail
A Statue plinth is obtained after completing the Dahmaroc statue from Shattered Heart for the first time. This allows players to build a replica statue of Dahmaroc in their player-owned house's study. The player may rebuild the real statue in Varrock Museum once a week, receiving a replica of one of the real pieces. These pieces are added in pairs, in the same way as the real statue. There are 30 total parts in both statues, so it takes a minimum of 30 weeks to obtain a complete replica statue in a player-owned house. You receive 1 experience point in construction for building the plinth.

If you wish to move your study room, you can move the statue with it (and save your progress), by removing the study room itself. Then all you need to do is get a plinth from the Archaeologist in the museum and your statue is back to its previous state. Warning: If you remove the plinth/statue itself you must restart the statue again.

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