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Ancient effigy detail

A Starved ancient effigy can be obtained as drops from many monsters around RuneScape, as part of the ancient effigies Distractions and Diversions. The more powerful the monster, the more likely the drop. It requires level 91 in the skill it craves knowledge in to nourish, but it can be banked until you can or choose to use it, or you may exchange it for a 5,000 experience Antique lamp (for any skill level 50 or more) by talking to Historian Minas at Varrock Museum. When given knowledge, it will become a nourished ancient effigy and will grant 15,000 experience in the skill that was used to nourish it. The nourished ancient effigy will need level 93 in a certain skill. This skill can be different from the ones needed for the starved ancient effigy. The Assist System can be used to nourish an effigy, however the assisting player will get all of the 15,000 experience points. No effigies of any type will stack in the bank.

A given drop rate of effigies from a certain monster is directly related to the monster's combat level (exponentially, not linearly). See effigy drop rates for more info.

As of 19 November 2013, effigies are one of several monster drops that receive a drop highlight.

A maximum of 5 ancient effigies may be obtained by a player at any given time, after which a player must open at least one fully to receive another as a drop. Additionally the drop rate for an effigy is decreased the more a player owns.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to an update that both capped the amount of effigys obtainable at once to 5 and made them significantly rarer many players could obtain one every hundred or so average monster kills.
  • Players wishing to solve effigys in which they do not have the levels to solve should seek out clusters of high level players who often offer effigy assistance. For example: World 2 Burthorpe bank or the Grand Exchange.

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