Squire Asrol
Squire Asrol
Release date 6 April 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC The Knight's Sword
Location White Knights' Castle
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Indentured servant of a Knight.
Squire Asrol location
Squire Asrol chathead

Squire Asrol is found in the east end of the courtyard of White Knights' Castle. Speaking to him starts the quest The Knight's Sword, where he is in trouble and needs help from an adventurer. He explains that he has lost his master, Sir Vyvin's, sword. Since it's a very special ceremonial sword, he would be in big trouble if Sir Vyvin found out.

He also can be talked to claim the rewards of the hard and elite Falador Tasks after they are completed, and is an anagram in a level three clue, rewarding players that talk to him with puzzle boxes.


  • When giving the players the rewards for the hard Falador tasks, he thinks the lamp is an old teapot.
  • When giving the players the rewards for the elite Falador tasks, he mistakes the lamps for "gravy jugs".

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