This article is about the armour. For the Construction item, see Square shield (Construction).

A Square shield is a type of shield equipped in a player's off-hand slot. Square shields can be smithed from all types of metals except for black, white*, and dragon which exist in the form of monster drops. Although square shields are less powerful than kiteshields, they are still used among players who find them fashionable, or players who can't afford a kiteshield. Many square shields can be bought in Cassie's Shield Shop in Falador, though it would be easier to use the Grand Exchange.

Metal Level Smithing level to make GE Price
Bronze sq shield Bronze sq shield 1 8 271 coins (update)
Iron sq shield Iron sq shield 10 23 474 coins (update)
Steel sq shield Steel sq shield 20 38 1,082 coins (update)
Black sq shield Black sq shield 25 N/A 1,170 coins (update)
White sq shield White sq shield* 25 N/A 1,938 coins (update)
Mithril sq shield Mithril sq shield 30 58 1,838 coins (update)
Adamant sq shield Adamant sq shield 40 78 1,642 coins (update)
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 50 93 21,861 coins (update)
Dragon sq shield Dragon sq shield** 60 60* 482,395 coins (update)
Corrupt dragon sq shield Corrupt dragon sq shield 60 N/A 72,378 coins (update)

* White sq shields must be bought from Sir Vyvin in the white knights castle after Wanted!

**Dragon squareshields aren't smithed out of bars, but out of two halves.

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