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For the pet obtainable from Treasure Hunter, see Sq'irks the parrot.

A map of the Sorceress's Garden.

Sq'irk is a fruit obtained during the Sorceress's Garden minigame. It can be crushed into a beer glass using a pestle and mortar to make sq'irk juice. Five are required for a winter drink, four for a spring drink, three for an autumn drink, and two for a summer drink. These drinks may be used to temporarily boost Thieving level and energy, or may be traded to Osman in Al Kharid for thieving experience.

Note: Picking sq'irks does not give thieving experience; it gives Farming experience. You have to make sq'irk juice and give it to Osman to get Thieving experience.


  • The examine info is a wordplay on the word quirky since they both sound alike.
  • Sq'irk are analogous to the real-life durian.[1]


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