For the drink from Menaphos, see Squeck juice.

Sq'irkjuice is made from Sq'irk fruit, which are obtained in the Sorceress's Garden minigame. The juice is made by using a pestle and mortar with the correct amount of Sq'irks from a Sq'irk tree (players need to have a beer glass in their inventory). The resulting juice can then be traded to Osman for Thieving experience. The best way to train thieving with Sq'irkjuice is to bring a pestle and mortar and enough beer glasses so that there are only enough empty slots in the inventory for the number of Sq'irks needed to fill a glass. Whenever your inventory is full, squeeze the Sq'irks into a glass, minimising bank runs and hence maximising efficiency. Picking Sq'irk fruit also gives Farming experience (30 for Winter, 40 for Spring, 50 for Autumn and 60 for Summer).

NOTE: You will NOT be able to access the Sorceress's Garden if you do not speak to Osman first about Sq'irkjuice.

When drunk, Sq'irkjuice will temporarily boost a player's Thieving level. There are 4 types of Sq'irkjuice: Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer. Winter Sq'irks are the easiest to obtain, although 5 of them are needed to make one glass. Spring Sq'irks are slightly more difficult to get, but only 4 are needed for a glass. Autumn Sq'irks are the second hardest to get, and 3 are needed to make a glass. Summer Sq'irks are the most sought after by Osman, and only 2 are needed to fill a glass. Note: all Sq'irks and Sq'irkjuices are untradeable.

Drinking Sq'irkjuiceEdit

Below, a table lists the properties and benefits of drinking a certain type of Sq'irkjuice, as given in the RuneScape Game Guide.

Type # Sq'irks Per Drink Thieving Boost Run Energy Boost
Winter 5 +0 +10%
Spring 4 +1 +20%
Autumn 3 +2 +30%
Summer 2 +3 +40%


Inside the Sorceress's house there is a cupboard with an infinite supply of beer glasses, which you can obtain by "searching" the shelves. This is an excellent way to stock up on beer glasses to make Sq'irkjuice. A Broomstick (obtained from the Swept Away quest) is useful for transportation to the Sorceress's Garden, but you have to let the Sorceress' Apprentice enchant it first to unlock this. Also, a ring of kinship or a charged TokKul-Zo is useful as a banking method when doing multiple runs at the garden. The enchanted broom helps for a teleportation method directly to the gardens.