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Spring Fayre
Spring Fayre
Release date Unknown edit
Reward Cosmetic overrides, emotes and more
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Summer Beach Party (2017)
Succeeded by N/A

The Spring Fayre will return in March 2018. The fayre will not need entry tokens for participation and cosmetic rewards will be obtained from tradeable reward tokens found while participating in activities rather than being bought through tickets. Rewards may also be unlocked through RuneCoins. It will have the same stalls as before as well as some new stalls. New rewards will include butterfly, cat and flower face paint, fish in bag, hook-a-duck flail, dizzy stick and Easter egg hat cosmetic overrides; an Easter egg follower pet called Eggos; a dizzy stick teleport animation override; and a Zultan plushie. [1]


Activities include:

Agility funhouse (m)Edit

Agility funhouse is an activity located in south-west corner of the Fayre, next to eastern exit. It functioned similarly to regular agility courses. Each lap awards Agility experience.

Bucking BarooEdit

Bucking Baroo is an activity located in north-eastern corner of the Fayre, in which players try to stay on top of the Yak by using the correct option on the interface (Left or Right), if the player fails to do so, he or she falls down. The correct option was displayed above the arrows. It awards Defence experience.

Candy floss machineEdit

Candy floss machine is an activity that allows players to gain Cooking experience and a chance to obtain the candy floss maul. There were 2 machines in the Spring Fayre grounds.

Chinchompa Hunt (m)Edit

Players obtain the Chinchompa hunt map from Menowin. The map is 5 columns by 6 rows. Once per day, players can click on one of the map squares for free to win a prize.

Claw-dia Stall (m)Edit

The Claw-dia Stall is a claw crane game machine located in north-western corner of the Fayre. It awards a guaranteed prize box which contains at least two items, among which may be prismatic lamps and fallen stars. The machine may only be operated twice per day.

Dancing PlatformEdit

The Dancing Platform is an activity led by Dixie and Mixie. It is located in south-east corner of the Fayre. It functions similarly to Serenity posts, players stand on the platforms and attempt to follow the emotes done by the leaders. It awards Prayer experience.

Easter Egg ShyEdit

Easter Egg Shy is an activity located in south-eastern corner of the Fayre, in which players attempt to hit Easter eggs with various objects. These include:

  • Balls
  • Cabbages, which have a lower chance to hit but give higher experience
  • Chinchompas, which have a higher chance to hit but give lower experience

Each successful hit awards Ranged experience.

Festive egg huntEdit

Festive eggs can be found around the fayre. Collecting them is a sub-requirement to unlock the Fairest of Them All title (there are additional requirements to obtain title). Festive eggs have no other use and can be destroyed after being found, as keeping them is not required for the title.

Egg Location

Fortune tellerEdit

Kristlin provides medium fortune stars in a variety of skills via the cloud of destiny located to the east of the crater.

Helter SkelterEdit

The Helter Skelter stands in the middle of the Fayre grounds, and allows players to slide down it. It rewards Constitution experience.

Hook-a-Duck (m)Edit

The Hook-a-Duck is an activity located in south-eastern corner of the Fayre. There are various different rods that players can use in this activity which affect the experience they get, and their chances of success. Each successful action awards Hunter experience.

Rod Experience Success rate
Light weight Average Average
Fast action High Low
Magnetic Low High

The Mighty Zoltan (m)Edit

The Mighty Zoltan is located slightly east of the Helter Skelter. Operating it awards one of the 17 mis-fortunes and Divination experience. It is possible to get duplicates.

Pickaxe wangingEdit

Pickaxe wanging is an activity located in the north-western corner of the Fayre, in which players toss a pickaxe towards the rocks. It awards Mining experience.

Test of strength machineEdit

Test of strength machine is located at north-western side of Fayre, right beside the north entrance to the crater. Operating the machine awards Strength experience.

Trixie's scavenger hunt (m)Edit

Thieving experience is awarded in the form of a medium XP lamp for bringing items to Trixie from a random set list. Trixie is located in the north-west corner of the crater.

Happy HourEdit

Occasionally a Happy Hour occurs which allows players to gain 10% more experience from activities.


Music unlockedEdit