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Not to be confused with Build-A-Fayre.
Spring Fayre
Release date Unknown edit
Reward Cosmetic overrides, emotes and more
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Summer Beach Party
Succeeded by N/A

Spring Fayre is an event, similar to the Summer Beach Party, that will be released on 24 April and will last for 5 weeks. Its release is being preceded by a pre-event activity called Build-A-Fayre, which was released on 18 April, where players help to build the fayre. The fayre will be located in Lumbridge Crater.


Participating in activities will require the player to spend tokens, 100 of which will be obtained for free each day. Activities will include:

  • Clawdia grabber - may be played 2 times each day
  • Helter skelter - will award Constitution experience
  • Candy floss machine - will award Cooking experience and a chance to obtain the candy floss maul
  • Test of strength machine - will award Strength experience
  • Trixie's scavenger hunt - Thieving experience will be awarded for bringing items to the NPC
  • Yak-aroo - will have yak balloon and yak plushie rewards
  • Fortune teller
  • Agility fun house
  • Easter egg shy
  • Hook a duck
  • Big chinchompa hunt - will run for 4 weeks, with a different cosmetic outfit reward each week. If the player does not obtain all pieces of the outfit then they may buy them using bonds in the following week.

Happy HourEdit

During happy hours most activities will be free to participate in.

Distraction and Diversion portalsEdit

The Spring Fayre will have the same Distractions and Diversions portals as the Summer Beach Party.


Rewards will include cosmetic overrides, emotes, pets and a title.

  • Cosmetic overrides: pickaxe hat, parasol, test of strength mallet, crystal ball, fortune teller cape, dancer outfits, fortune teller outfit, and Menowin outfit.
  • Pet fortune teller.
  • Bucking yak teleport animation override.
  • The title will be awarded for completing all parts of the event that are available to the player: free to play and ironman players will not have to complete requirements that are not available to them.


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