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Flickering spring

An example of a spring in its last stage.

Springs are elemental objects connected with the Divination skill. They appear when a player chooses the harvest option on a wisp in one of wisp colonies. Springs are a source of divine energy, the main resource in Divination, as well as memories.

Springs come in three stages when you activate them. The first stage has a light pink/white spring coming from the centre. The second stage has a hot pink stream coming from the centre with less power than the first stage. The final stage has no stream coming from the centre and looks similar to floating water.

This also applies to enriched springs; however, for those it seems that the increased lifespan due to absorbing players' memories is added to the last stage, potentially making it last much longer than normal.

Spring typesEdit

Poking a wisp

A player activating a wisp into a spring

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