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Split log detail

Split logs are made from Arctic pine logs when they are used on a Woodcutting stump. The logs require level 54 Woodcutting to split, giving 42.5 Woodcutting experience. Players wearing Lumberjack clothing will receive the appropriate bonus experience. They may be deposited at the pile of logs north of the south-western-most bridge in Neitiznot, to free inventory space. It takes approximately 1 minute 25 seconds to convert an entire inventory of Arctic Pine logs to split logs.

Split logs are used to repair the bridges in the quest The Fremennik Isles. Apart from training woodcutting, they have no other use.

Split Logs Final

A player splitting Arctic Pine Logs on the island north of Neitiznot using a Dragon hatchet.


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  • When splitting arctic pine logs, if you choose to split more than the amount in your inventory, it will say, "You have run out of an Arctic Pine Log".

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