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A spiritual ranger is a ranger spirit that serves one of the four gods in the God Wars Dungeon. Like spiritual warriors and mages, they died a long time ago, however their devotion to their god was so great that their spirit still lives on. The salve amulet does NOT work on them since their spirit still lives on in them and are not considered undead. They are normally not killed for their drops, but as a Slayer assignment. Players must have a Slayer level of at least 63 to damage them.

Spiritual rangers, along with mages and warriors, prioritise other dungeon monsters ahead of players. This may be used to the players advantage to safely attack with any type of combat, with little fear of retaliation.


There are four types of spiritual rangers:


  • Saradomin, Armadyl, Bandos and Zamorak sections of the God Wars Dungeon
  • Main section of the God Wars Dungeon (Saradominist only).



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Warpriest of Zamorak helmWarpriest of Zamorak helm [1]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Zamorak cuirassWarpriest of Zamorak cuirass [1]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Zamorak greavesWarpriest of Zamorak greaves [1]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Zamorak gauntletsWarpriest of Zamorak gauntlets [1]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Zamorak bootsWarpriest of Zamorak boots [1]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Zamorak capeWarpriest of Zamorak cape [1]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Saradomin helmWarpriest of Saradomin helm [3]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Saradomin cuirassWarpriest of Saradomin cuirass [3]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Saradomin greavesWarpriest of Saradomin greaves [3]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Saradomin gauntletsWarpriest of Saradomin gauntlets [3]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Saradomin bootsWarpriest of Saradomin boots [3]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Saradomin capeWarpriest of Saradomin cape [3]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Armadyl helmWarpriest of Armadyl helm [4]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Armadyl cuirassWarpriest of Armadyl cuirass [4]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Armadyl greavesWarpriest of Armadyl greaves [4]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Armadyl gauntletsWarpriest of Armadyl gauntlets [4]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Armadyl bootsWarpriest of Armadyl boots [4]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Armadyl capeWarpriest of Armadyl cape [4]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Bandos helmWarpriest of Bandos helm [5]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Bandos cuirassWarpriest of Bandos cuirass [5]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Bandos greavesWarpriest of Bandos greaves [5]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Bandos gauntletsWarpriest of Bandos gauntlets [5]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Bandos bootsWarpriest of Bandos boots [5]1Varies [2]Not sold
Warpriest of Bandos capeWarpriest of Bandos cape [5]1Varies [2]Not sold


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000Coins3,504–6,948CommonNot sold
Adamant arrowheads 5Adamant arrowheads25Uncommon3,850
Rune arrowheads 5Rune arrowheads10Uncommon1,710
Gold oreGold ore6 (noted)Common1,026
BowstringBowstring8 (noted)Common2,552
Yew logsYew logs5 (noted)Uncommon1,310
Adamant barAdamant bar2 (noted)Uncommon5,408
Mithril barMithril bar2 (noted)Common2,832
Maple logsMaple logs25 (noted)Common600
Diamond bolt tips 5Diamond bolt tips12Rare2,076
Frozen key (God Wars Dungeon)Frozen key piece [6]1RandomNot sold
Clue scroll (hard)Clue scroll (hard)1Very rareNot sold
  1. ^ a b c d e f Only dropped by the Zamorak spiritual rangers.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x Players who previously bought this in the Battle of Lumbridge will have a greater chance of receiving this as a drop.
  3. ^ a b c d e f Only dropped by the Saradomin spiritual rangers.
  4. ^ a b c d e f Only dropped by the Armadyl spiritual rangers.
  5. ^ a b c d e f Only dropped by the Bandos spiritual rangers.
  6. ^ The piece dropped depends on which god the ranger was aligned with. The Saradomin and Zamorak spiritual rangers will NOT drop the key piece outside of their respective areas.

Universal dropsEdit

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Key tokenKey token1RareNot sold

See alsoEdit


  • When spiritual rangers are fighting other creatures, they seem to punch them rather than draw their bows and shoot arrows. However, despite this lack of animation, the arrows themselves can still be seen.
  • There is currently a bug where killing Armadylian spirituals will count towards an aviansie task. This occured after Jagex addressed another bug where Armadylian spirituals counted towards an automaton task.

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