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This is the quick guide for Spirits of the Elid.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Spirits of the Elid icon
Talk to Awusah the Mayor in Nardah.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
LengthMedium (~25 minutes)
  • 33 Magic Magic (May be boosted)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat

Players must be on the standard spellbook to complete this quest (or have Spellbook Swap available).

Getting startedEdit

  • Head to Nardah (fairy ring dlq) and talk to Awusah the Mayor. (Chat 121)
  • Head to the house to the North and talk to Ghaslor the Elder. Make sure to receive ballad. (Chat 11)
  • Head to the shrine North of the fountain and West of Ghaslor's house.
  • Telegrab the ancestral key on the East side of the building and search the cupboards to the West.
  • Search the cupboards to find some torn robes; there's a robe top and bottom; click on them to fix them.

The GolemsEdit

  • Head North and go past the Dominion Tower until a waterfall is seen.
    • If you didn't bring them, pick up Bronze Arrows south of Dominion Tower and a Shortbow to the north
  • Climb the waterfall.
  • Equip the robes of elidinis and use the ancestral key on the door.
    • If the door will not open, talk to Ghaslor the Elder and attempt to open it again afterward.
  • Head East to the three doors.
  • Kill the White golem to the South which is weak to stab.
  • Enter the room and clear the water channel via Thieving.
  • Kill the Grey golem to the East which is weak to Slash.
  • Enter the room and clear the water channel (using the pickaxe on your tool belt).
  • Kill the Black golem to the Northeast which is weak to Crush.
  • Enter the room and clear the water channel by shooting the target on the other side with a bow and arrows.
  • Go through the North door and talk to one of the spirits. (Chat 41)
  • Head back to Nardah.
    • It is possible to be bugged when exiting the cave. To get out of the bug, simply use a Home Teleport spell.

The GenieEdit

  • Talk to Awusah the Mayor.
  • Take the shoes by his door and click on them whilst outside of the house to obtain sole.
  • Head West from the Nardah General Store to a crevice.
  • Use a rope on it and head through the door to the North.
  • Talk to the Genie (Chat 113) and then talk to him again.
  • Head back to Nardah and use the Statuette on the plinth on the Elidinis Statuette north of the fountain.
  • Quest complete!

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