Spirit scorpion chathead

The spirit scorpion is a combat level 19 Summoning familiar that is solely used for Combat. It can be summoned with a spirit scorpion pouch.

A spirit scorpion is level 23 and can hit up to 259 damage. Additionally, its venom shot scroll gives the player a chance of making their next Ranged attack poisonous. However, this is not very accurate and so is mostly neglected by players.

Spirit scorpion pouchEdit


Venom shot scrollEdit

Venom Shot

A player activates the scroll.


Venom shotEdit

Venom shot is the special move of the Spirit scorpion. When activated, it gives a player a chance of making his/her next Ranged attack mildly poisonous, given that the Ranged weapon being used can be poisoned.

Due to a glitch, this effect does not currently work as it should. Only one scroll can be used and ranged attacks are never actually poisonous, so the effect does not wear out as it is never used. This is likely caused by changes to the poisoning system in Evolution of Combat.



  • A vinegaroon is another name for a Whip scorpion.
  • At least 1 of these pouches are needed to complete the Spirit of Summer quest
  • The scorpion's chat line "Say hello to my little friend!" is a reference to Scarface.
  • The scorpion's rogue like dialogue stems from its aggressive nature of appearing in resource gathering grounds with abundant resources, killing low levelled players as they attempt to gather the resources.
  • The scorpion tail sign in the summoning pouch and summoning scroll resembles the sign of The Brotherhood of Nod from the Command & Conquer series.

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