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A Spirit jelly is a familiar which can be summoned using the Summoning skill. They can be summoned with a Spirit jelly pouch.

Spirit jelly pouchEdit


The requirements to create a Spirit jelly pouch are 1 Blue Charm, 1 Jug of Water, and 151 Spirit Shards.

Dissolve scrollEdit



Dissolve is a magic attack that does up to 720 magic damage and drains the target's attack stat. Each use of Dissolve consumes 6 Special move points.



  • The examine text is a reference to Russian reversal jokes.
  • The Jelly's personality is reminiscent of the monster in the dark of Order of the Stick.
  • In the past, when you attempted to ride Ali Morrisane's Carpets with a familiar, the carpet seller would tell you a story about 'an old lady and her spirit jelly'.
  • If you look closely at the bundle inside the Spirit Jelly's gelatinous form, you will see it has a beating heart.
  • Physically, the Jelly is reminiscent of the Gelatinous Cubes of Dungeons and Dragons fame.

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